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Bacon’s Show and Tell

This month for Bacon’s Show and Tell  we are highlighting that one toy that you got as a child that you absolutely HATED – snorts. Remember to link your blogs to this one so we can all share.

Today, I’m letting mommy discuss the one toy that she got that she absolutely hated, despised, couldn’t stand and didn’t want – snorts.  Did you get all of that?

Well, without further ado – take away sweet mommy of mine.  Your story is safe here with all of my friends.


Thanks sweet Bacon of mine.  When I was little I was what they referred to as a ‘tomboy’.  No Bacon, I’m not talking about a boy named Tom.  I’m talking a girl who likes to do boy stuff, like ride bikes, climb trees, play Cowboy and Indians and such.  Well, I did not like dolls at that stage in my life – I wanted to run with the boys.

Cabbage Patch dolls came out in the 1980′s and were a HUGE hit.  I was turning 11 that year and my mother – of all things possible in the world – got me a red haired Cabbage Patch doll – eeww puke – LOL.   It looked very similar to this picture of a Cabbage Patch Doll.  When I say I hated that doll, it would be an understatement.  I threw gently placed it in my bedroom far back in a corner under a lot of stuff so I didn’t have to see the freak.

Weeks passed and my mom was kind of upset that I was not playing with said expensive Cabbage Patch doll.  I mean after all, it was a toy.  My mother nagged and nagged and nagged – asked me repeatedly when I was going to play with the beautiful doll.  Until one day, I thought sure let’s play with the Cabbage Patch doll with a wicked look on my face.  Uh – oh, this can’t turn out good, right?

So I took the evil little Cabbage Patch doll out in the back yard to play.  I was out in the yard for a while before I came back inside of the house.  My mom was cooking dinner and looked out the back window and saw smoke.  My mom didn’t know what it was and asked me about it.  I told her it wasn’t important.  Hey, there’s smoke out there – it has to be important, right?  So my mother took me back outside to investigate the smoke.

That’s when me and my mom found it.  I say it because you see I never named that Cabbage Patch doll.  And, don’t think that I was a pyromaniac or anything – I wasn’t.  You see the story was that I was playing Cowboys and Indians.  I was a Cowboy and you guessed it – that Cabbage Patch doll was an Indian.   The “Indian”… AKA Cabbage Patch doll… got tied up to a tree because it wouldn’t say uncle.  Since it wouldn’t give in, I set it on fire.  End of Cabbage Patch doll – evil laughter.


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