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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,
I was this close to being caught.  The dog couldn’t find me.  I was so hoping that no one else in the room would give me away.  I was so glad when he finally left the room.  If he had been there for one more minute, I would have been riding him like a horse!  Signed Secret Agent Cat

Dear Secret Agent Cat,
Oh pal.  That was so very close.  You could have been found out at any minute.  I don’t even want to ask what you were doing to have the barky thing come looking for you like that.  Did you eat some of his kibbles?  Steal his bone?  Sleep in his bed?  I’d be careful if I was you.  I think he means business.




Dear Bacon,
I admit it.  I’m just a tad little lazy when it comes to me overlooking my kingdom.  Sometimes my get up just doesn’t go.  You ever have those problems?  Signed Catlazy

Dear Catlazy,
Do I ever?!  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with your giddy up not trotting.  Sometimes you are just too tired and have to make priorities of what is more important to use that energy for… like eating.  Watching the kingdom, nah that can be done just like you are doing my friend.  Get rest.


Dear Bacon,
Do you think this would be a cute business card for me to pass out like yours?  I’ve seen yours and they are way cute.  I want my own.  Thoughts?  Signed Stud

Dear Stud,
Snorts.  Well, your card will at least get you a lot of attention.  Some of it might not be the kind of attention you want though – for instance a paw across the face.  If you’re going to play Stud, be a man about it my friend.  You might want to rethink the wording on your card.  You know something like, “It’s hot outside but it’s cool beside me.”  or “You know where you would look even hotter?  Right here beside me”.  Keep it clean but yet flattering.




Dear Bacon,
This is our nightly routine.  We all gather up in the big soft bed and mama reads us bedtime stories.  She said that she got that from your mommy reading you bedtime stories.  We just thought we would share.  Signed Kitty Kids

Dear Kitty Kids,
That is so adorable my friends.  I am so glad that you shared.  There is nothing like a bedtime story at night to gently help you fall asleep.  Keep being cute my friends!

*REMEMBER – Send your questions and pictures to me at

Thank you for keeping up the Dear Bacon issues!


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How Much Does Mommy Love Me?

Yep you guessed it. Mommy loves me so much that she bought this purse. She recently received it and has used it. She is now referred to as the “Pig Lady” – Snorts.

It is kind of cute and it does kind of resemble me in a way. It brings her happiness and I can overlook the stupidity creativity of the purse. The ears actually flap back and forth.

And you would never guess what she keeps in the zippered snout area. Go ahead, try. Waiting for you to guess. Speechless aren’t you. Okay I’ll tell you. She keeps ‘my’ business cards. The ones that show my blog address and my email address. Is it too much? Snorts

I think now she is on the hunt for the next great piggy purse. What do you think about this one? 🐷😄



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My Surprise is Revealed

I know a lot of you have been axiously awaiting my surprise that I mentioned last week.  You can admit it – you probably haven’t eaten because you are so excited about it.  Well, the wait is over.  I am ready to reveal my surprise. 

A lot of times, my parents go out to dinner and they are not greeted by their names anymore.  It’s more like, “Hey, there’s Bacons parents” or “How’s Bacon doing?”  Dad never thought he would be known by a pig but now he is.  Everyone wants to know about my antics.  And, then there’s the new people that mom meets that are just taken aback that she has a pig son.  People are in awe of my talents and skills.

So, what does mom decide to do?  She talks to me about it and we come up with an extraordaire thing.  I’m going to share it with you.  Please let me know what you think 🙂

This is the front of my awesome business cards:

This is the back of my awesome business cards:


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