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Cleaning Tools

Snorts with piggy laughter.  Friends, friends, friends.  My humans find the weirdest, strangest out of the ordinary items in their travels.  Recently at the beach, mom found the cleaning tool that everyone needs that has everything – a Belly Button Lint Brush.  So raise your hands my friends – let me know who needs one for Christmas.  Snorts and oinks!  Now if I can just find my belly button… I’m off to search for it – wish me luck.



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You Have *Got* to be Kidding Me

Every once in a while I come across something so outrageous – so out of this world – so incredibly stupid that I have to share.  This is one of those times my friends.  I saw this on Facebook and my first thought was, “You have got to be kidding me!”  Then I showed it to mommy.  She was like, ‘”Bacon, where do you come up with this stuff?”  Knowing these conversations, I had to share the video.  Now, how many of you are rushing to the phone to order the Licki Brush?  You better hurry up because I know they are going to sell out.  Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter.



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Dear Bacon

20130508-115000.jpgDear Bacon,

Really, it’s not what it seems. Really. We’re just friends. It’s just a picture taken out of context. Really. Signed Just Friends


Dear Just Friends,

Really? You expect me and the world to believe that? I think you need to let it out and be proud my friends. We’re all adults here. I’m off now to find my mommy. She doesn’t even hold me that close.


Dear Bacon,

Momma said one more time and she was going to hang us all up on the line. Well, I guess we pushed it. Does your mom ever threaten this kind of pup abuse? Signed Hanging Low

Dear Hanging Low,

HA – mom hanging me up like that. That’s a funny thought and visual. I’m too heavy to hang up. But I have to admit that ya’ll are all cute as buttons like that in your little one pieces. I wouldn’t call that abuse. I would call that adorable overload!


Dear Bacon,

Sometimes the dogs in this establishment do have a purpose. For instance, when I want to look out the window. They are soft to sit on and view my kingdom outdoors. Do your purr things ever do this? Signed King of the Dog

Dear King of the Dog,

Nice. Well, I know who is top cat in your household. The purr things here at the Hotel Thompson know better than to mooch off of me like that. I’m not their personal pig step stool. Although sometimes that Hemi with his extra digits does like to push his limits at times.


Dear Bacon,

This ever happen to you? I was sitting here first minding my own business when my big brother decided he wanted my seat. He sat on me! Can you believe the nerve of that dog?! I’m going to tell mom! Signed Squishy

Dear Squishy,

Snort – Well it looks like he wants what he wants. I’m not sure if I would fight him for that seat. Is there another place that’s comfy you can go or is he just throwing his weight around? If so, call in the humans for mediation my friend. Stay safe!


Dear Bacon,

It’s all about hygiene. We gotta keep these teeth nice and clean… and sharp. Do you brush and floss? Signed Feline Brusher

Dear Feline Brusher,

Mom brushes my teeth for me. It was a little weird at first but now I’ve kind of gotten used to the idea. There’s a lot to maintain this look. We gotta do what we gotta do my friend. Life is too short!



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