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Bacons Tale of Terror



Hello my friends – Count Baconula here for Bacons Tale of Terror – on today January 13th.  Today is another true story. Not the kind involving ghosts or paranormal.  This story is something more.  Something that will scare you and make your hair turn white.  Something that will have you screaming like a little baby.

You see, last weekend mom let me go with her to pick up some take out at a local fast food restaurant.  I do that sometimes and I enjoy it.  I mean who wouldn’t, right?  How would you feel if you were working the window and a little itty bitty Smart car pulled up to pick up the food that had a cute adorable little oinker in the backseat?  Right?  Some times the wonderful workers will give me snacks – 🙂 It’s good being me sometimes.

Well this day was like any other.  We went to Krystals which is like heaven on earth to me and daddy.  Little hamburgers shaped square with wonderful stuff in them.  And yeah, the cute little cashier gave me one to eat in the back seat as she watched.  I’m sure there’s a name for that – snorts.

Everything was fine and dandy.  We are scooting on back to the home with all of our goodies in tow when we stopped at a red light.  This gave me time to stand, stretch and stick my tongue look around outside. Everything was going fine until I saw *IT*.  I squealed – pretty loud actually.  The only thing I could do was raise my hoof holding my camera phone and snap a picture.

OMP (Oh my pig!)  Do you see what was in this car window?  For real?  That is scarier than any ghosts my friend.  That shook me down to my little hooves and all I could do was shiver and shake.  Mommy looked back to see what was wrong with me and then she saw it.  Awful sight this car was.  Who would drive around with that evil looking Bozo in the car.  Please tell me that.  Wouldn’t you be afraid too my friends?




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