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Do You Judge a Book by its Cover?

Do you sometimes look at a person and make a quick judgement of that person’s character without knowing anything about them?  It’s only natural and I think humans do it all of the time.  I mean personally, if I was to cross a clown – regardless if he looked nice or not – I would squeal like there was a 1000 hounds after me cause I ain’t talking to no clown.  Capice?

But humans – they are different.  Do they judge other peeps by what they wear?  How they look?  What they drive?  Sure they do.  That’s what makes us all different.  BUT, are they missing out on some good friendships along their way in life by making harsh judgments?

Take this situation that recently happened with mom.  Mom, dad and Nana went to a Mexican restaurant recently.  There was a line and they were standing in a corner waiting for their name to be called.  In the meantime, this family came in (mom and dad with their daughter who was about 8-9 years old).  They put their name in to the hostess and stoodd across the room.  The daughter wanted to be held so the mom picked her up.  In doing so, her hands were full so of course the hub unit holds her purse (which is another posting for another day – snorts with piggy laughter).

Now, mom thought it was hilarious to see the guy holding the mom’s purse so she walks over to him.  She gets really close to him and says, “That purse is awesome with your outfit.  I give it a 10”.  Now, the guy grins and says to mom, “Thank you darling.  I try to coordinate.”  It was totally hilarious and a great laugh was held by all.  When mom came back, Nana was laughing and told her she was brave.  Mom asked why and Nana told her why.  This is what got our minds going about judging a book by its cover.

Would you have done this like mom?  How about if the guy had long black hair, a beard and a mustache?  How about if the guy was wearing all black with lots of studs and leather?  How about if the guy was a biker dude?  How about if the guy was packing heat and had a gun on his hip?  Would any of this make a difference to you if he was a ‘biker dude’ or ‘the guy next door’?

I’m not saying that all biker dudes are nice – far from it.  But we are saying that sometimes one needs to not make first judgments of someone.  And let me tell you something, if anyone knows that it’s mom with her new purple hair.  Some of the most friendliest and loyal friends can just be different 🙂  That’s your piggy thought for the day ♥


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