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Bacon’s Show and Tell


Hello Friends – Wasn’t last month Bacon’s Show and Tell full of fun and misadventure – snorts with piggy laughter.  I think it was a snort of a great time – especially seeing my daddy taking a potty break.  I mean heck, he’s caught me in film in plenty of embarrassing moments.

I think that since last month was a hoot with all of you too, let’s do a repeat.  Find another embarrassing picture or story of your humans and share with us on

This month the story is about mom and dad.  Hold on my friends – it’s hilarious.

You see mom and dad dated for a long time before they got married.  We all know that.  But this story happens when mom had been together say about five years.  Daddy’s mom/dad took mom/dad out to lunch one weekend.  So there they were at a local Bennigan’s.  They had finished dinner and was fixing to order a dessert.

Bennigan’s at the time had this dessert called Death by Chocolate.  Something so delicious looking – full of frozen ice cream and chocolate and whip cream.  Now as kids would do when they are dating, mom/dad were making goo-goo eyes at each other and flirting.  That’s all they did during their courtship days – rolls piggy eyes.  Out of the blue, dad says to mom, “That whip cream sure would look good on your nipples.”

What in the h-e-hockey sticks did he just say in front of God and everyone?!  I’m telling you my friends.  A mouse could have farted from the kitchen and you would have heard it from the silence that overcame at the table.  Bless mom’s heart because she wanted to be beamed up by Scotty right there.  Dad turned fifty shades of red when he realized that he said that out loud.  And poor dad’s mom/dad – they had to whip their tongues back into their mouths over their son’s sudden lack of judgment.

Of course, there was some explaining to do and years later we can all laugh about it now… somewhat.


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