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8 Pictures of Happiness

Oh my friends – I have been so inspired by everyone posting their 8 Pictures of Happiness.  I thought I would *finally* join the bandwagon and share my 8 Pictures of Happiness.  I hope you enjoy them my friends 

1st Picture of Happiness

The purr things here at the Hotel Thompson.  Surprises you huh?  Well they do bring me happiness because we are all family, right?  And you gotta admit that this picture would make you smile and happy.  You see, those two purr things can be called more spoiled than this oinker.  Why do you ask?  Well look at them. They don’t thing they can drink from a regular bowl. Oh no, they have to partake at the fountain that mom likes to call the bathroom sink – snorts!

2nd Picture of Happiness

My mom/dad on the day they got married and was cutting their wedding cake.  Of all of the pictures from their special day, this is the one that I absolutely LOVE.  Aren’t they cute?  They had a beach themed wedding.  Their wedding cake was three tiered heart shaped with chocolate Godiva seashells all around the cake.  There was even ‘sand’ around the bottom in the form of brown sugar.  Dad says it was good that day and even a year later when they brought the top tier out of the freezer on their first anniversary 🙂

3rd Picture of Happiness –

This is the first day that I came home to the Hotel Thompson.  Me and mom’s first picture together.  I was three weeks old and weighed only ONE pound.  See my cute little snout?  When mom and dad first picked me up, believe it or not but mom had not seen me in person and had never held a piglet.  After my surrogate mom passed me to my mom, I crawled up to her neck, smelled it and went immediately to sleep.  My surrogate mom said that was a great sign.  I love laying on mom’s shoulders and smelling her neck.  You’ll see me do a lot of that in pictures,.Don’t you just recognize and love the smell of your human?  I can’t get enough!

4th Picture of Happiness

This is the very first picture that mommy ever saw of me that made her fall in love with me.  This was taken about a week after I was born on the farm with my real mom, Bertha, and my real dad, Champ.  My surrogate emailed it to mom and mom said it tugged at heart like no other.  Every since then, I’ve had mom wrapped around my little hooves.  What do you think?  Would you have fallen in love with me in this picture ❤

5th Picture of Happiness

Okay this picture is one of my mom’s all time favorites of me – me in the bathtub for bath time. Contrary to popular belief, piggies are actually very clean animals.  I don’t stink…partially because I don’t sweat – snorts.  Mommy does put her foot down though and makes me take a bath at least once a month.   She says to make me smell like a little powdered baby.  But I let her cause she likes those times.  In this picture, I was stomping around the tub and blowing bubbles in the water.  It was pretty fun.  Mom thought she was going to take some pictures and videos.  In the video, right towards the end I had enough.  That’s when I learned how to fly.  I jumped out of the tub.  Poor mommy, she didn’t know whether to drop her cell phone or catch me.  Hilarious keeping her on her toes.

6th Picture of Happiness

Me and my mom.  There is no place that I would rather be than in the arms of my mommy.  They are safe arms.  They are loving arms.  They make me feel protected and I love them.  In this picture, notice my face.  Daddy was trying to make me get down.  I don’t know why it was bothering him.  Me and mom were just fine and happy as could be.  It’s okay.  Daddy finally backed down and left us alone.  See, I can be as stubborn as… as… well as a pig.  There you go.  Snorts.

7th Picture of Happiness

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of moi.  I took it from the camera on my laptop.  It’s also here on my blog as my picture.  I was sitting there pounding on the keyboard and I took it.  It came out fabulous and I love it.  What do you think?  Do you like it too as one of your favorites?

8th Picture of Happiness

Another one of my piglet baby pictures – mommy holding me.  See, I was terribly small when I came to live with mom/dad here at the Hotel Thompson.  I was the runt of my litter and they didn’t think I was going to make it.  But look at me now – I made it!  Daddy says that for the first six months of my life, he didn’t know that I could even walk because mommy carried me everywhere.  Silly daddy.  Of course I had legs.  If I didn’t, I would be called ham – right?  Snorts with piggy laughter.

So there you are.  My eight pictures of happiness.  I hope you enjoyed them as well my friends.  ❤

Oh and squeals… maybe I should make this NINE pictures of happiness.  I almost forget about someone that I need to add.  Someone that does bring me happiness – especially when he’s not swinging from my piggy tail.  You guess it… Houdini.  He does bring a smile to my piggy face.  He’s so full of energy!  So here you go – 9th Picture of Happiness


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Shivers – Shark Week

Oh shivers!  This week it has been Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.  We have watched a lot of the shows.  Shows that highlighted when sharks attack.  Shows that highlight guys/gals going down in the ocean in shark cages feeding sharks by hand.  Shows that highlighted HUGE sharks.  Shows that highlight sharks that bit people and showed the bites – shivers.

Then if that wasn’t bad enough, mom got a wild hair over the long weekend and decided to watch ALL of the Jaws movies.  Really mom?  Not just the original Jaws with “We’re going to need a bigger boat”, but all of them – Jaws 2, Jaws 3 and then Jaws Revenge.  Shakes piggy head.  Snorts – but us anipals stood by her side and watched with her.  Double evil snorts – I even called Houdini Shark Bait.  Now *that* was funny.

After this week of watching all of these shows, I had a dream about surfing.  It was a nightmare!   There is no way this little oinker is going anywhere near the beach.  Heck, I may even rethink getting in my piggy pool or the bathtub for that matter!

Have you watched any of these shows on television?  Any favorites? Any experiences of seeing sharks in real life?  Have you seen them at the beach?

Mom and dad said they saw one at Tybee Island, Georgia a couple of  years ago.  Shivers – I’m glad it was them and not me.  I don’t wanna be shark bait.


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Five Statements – Truth Revealed

Back for the reveal of the true answer in FIVE STATEMENTS.  Which one did you think was the truth?  Let’s recap the statements below.

Statement 1 – Daddy played professional football.

Statement 2 – Mommy used to be a ballerina.

Statement 3 – I love the feel of newly mowed grass on these hooves and run on it all of the time.

Statement 4 – Mom/dad and Bashful once met guitarist Slash.

Statement 5 – I always mind my matters and do what mom/dad say.

Let’s break it down my friends.  Daddy did use to play football, not professionally but in high school and college.  And mom, well she couldn’t stand on one leg for any length of time let alone her toes.  Grass on my hooves – shivers – surely you jest.  I’m not *that* kind of piggy – snorts.  But me not minding my matters or minding mom/dad?  Well, I have been known to be sent to my room and trust me.. I slam the door once I’m in there – snorts.  So, that leaves us to the correct answer.

Check it out here to find out more information 🙂


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Bathrooms are Funny Places

You know human facilities or scratch boxes or kitty boxes – whatever you want to call them – are very interesting places.  A couple of weeks ago, mom/dad finally took me to the beach for a little PRR (Pig Rest and Relaxation).  It was much needed.  Just us three.  Houdini stayed with Nana and the sitter had the purr things.

One morning, mom/dad came back from breakfast and were laughing like a bunch of hyenas. I didn’t get it until they told me the story.  Mom/dad went to the bathroom.  When they did, the bathroom doors had these on them.  Okay now I get it.  Snorts and rolls around laughing!



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31 Days of Spook – Moon River Brewing Company

Mom/dad go to Tybee Island, Georgia every year – just a little hop, skip and jump for a short vacation to de-stress. They try to go to some of their regular places every year like the Moon River Brewing Company located in Savannah, Georgia. (This restaurant is located on West Bay Street and about 12-14 miles from Tybee Island.) Here’s a picture of the restaurant from the outside.

This restaurant has been featured on a lot of television shows and is suppose to be super haunted.Moon River Brewing Company is one of Savannah’s oldest buildings that was originally built in 1821. It was the City Hotel and was the first hotel and post office in the town. The hotel actually closed when General Sherman led the union army through Georgia. By the time General Sherman actually made it to Savannah, the town was like a ghost town and the buildings were deserted.

In 1990, the building was renovated and the Moon River Brewing Company was opened. Since then, there have been numerous accounts of hauntings and ghosts. People have seen bottles being thrown, people have been touched, pushed and even slapped by unknown ‘ghosts’. One time, Ghost Hunters actually went to the location and caught on camera the dark figure of “Toby” who hides out in the billiard room playing. Even Toby has been known to push customers or workers.

There’s also spooks on the top floors that are still to this day unrenovated… to us. A glowing white apparition has been seen on these floors that is believed to be a worker who died at the hotel in the late 1800’s. In the 1990’s when the Moon River Brewing Company was attempting to renovate the top floors, the foreman’s wife was violently pushed down the staircase.

So mom/dad have braved the stories and have ventured into this restaurant to dine in the past. They prefer to go for dinner when the lights are low creating just the right atmosphere for spooks. They can see and hear the activity from the bar area, the laughter of customers and workers all who were oblivious to the supernatural happenings – or were they?.

Mom highly recommends an awesome blackberry Martini.  She says that it has quote, “Some wicked spirits in it”. I don’t think it was the kind of spirits that go boo in the middle of the night though. Dad says the wait staff disappear for a while as well but again I don’t think it was supernatural. Dad also says every time they go to this restaurant someone eats all of his delicious Tacodilla too. Personally I just don’t think he remembers eating it because he snarfs it it down so quickly because it’s delicious – snorts. And just for those few who are wondering what the pig is a Tacodilla – here’s the scoop of what he said. A cheese quesadilla folded like a taco and filled with smoked brisket, pico de gallo and chipotle sauce. It does sound good, huh?

And there was another disappearance that mom/dad always report. Their money when the check comes – snorts. Okay so they’ve never experienced anything per say haunted happening during their dining experiences in the past. But they do report that it has an electric feeling of something spooky.


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New Show – Naked and Afraid

Oh dear piggy heavens above.  Yep, you read that right.  A show on television called Naked and Afraid.  I’ve been watching this on my television for a while now.  It’s taken me a while to wrap my little piggy brain around the concept.  Let me explain that to you so you get why I’m amazed.

A man and a woman sign up for this adventure.  Voluntarily might I add – snorts – remember that part.  They go somewhere remote in the world.  It could be Panama, Fiji, a swamp, the beach, a rain forest or wilderness.  They have to survive for 21 days alone.  Together.  Naked.  No water, no food and no clothes.  Did you get that?  Naked.  Two strangers that don’t know each other on their own.

WTP (what the pig?!)  I can understand 21 days of survival in a remote place but naked?  As in no clothes.  Not a stitch of nothing.  For all the world to see.  A complete stranger.  In nature.  With bugs, rain, heat, no food, no water, slithery things like snakes, dirt, and yuck.  Shivers to mergatroid.

This show comes on the Discovery channel.  Have you seen it?  If so, thoughts?  If not, you gotta see this show.  Oh, and let me add there is a small camera crew that follows them around.  Of course they can’t help in any way unless there is an emergency but they see you in your birthday suit too.

So, are you going to sign up?  Snorts.


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OMP – Bashful and Speedy are WHERE?!

OMP – Where in the world did Speedy’s parents take them for holiday?  You won’t believe it.  You absolutely won’t believe it!  Please check it out on Speedy’s blog – WOWZER!  I have to admit that I might be just a tad bit green with jealousy – it’s beautiful!!


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 Hello my friends.  Welcome to another great issue of Dear Bacon.  This week, we have another guest helping me out with my issue.  Today, my friend Forrest and Fozziemom are stepping in for me to do a special edition of Dear Forrest.  Be sure to visit them at their blog and check them out – let them know what a great job they did – thanks Forrest and Fozziemom!



Dear Forrest,
Save a horse, ride a piggy – BOL. This is my gal pal Susie. The other farm animals think we are crazy. We are. Crazy in love! Do you think it’s cool? Signed Sam and Susie

Dear Sam and Susie,
I think the other farm animals are jealous…inter species can work…even if it does seem a bit odd. You loves who you loves so I say go for it! And yes it is way cool!


Dear Forrest,
Since they added the word “selfie” to the dictionary, we thought we would try it. We think it’s a work in progress. Have you tried this? Signed Say Cheese

Dear Cheese,
I must say I have tried selfies myself and it always ends up with booger shots..or drool. I think you have the crazy eye down pat though. Keep it up.   I have seen some pretty bad human ones BOL BOL


Dear Forrest,
They say you can be anything you want. I wanted to be a pineapple. What kind of fruit would you be? Signed Piney

Dear Piney,
Well if you want to look like Camen Miranda then I say I like it veryyyy much.  As for me, if I had to be a fruit I would be a banana.  Then I could split whenever it got too much BOL BOL


Dear Forrest,
Dude. The beach is so totally awesome. The water is rad. Do you hang five bro? Signed Surfer Bark

Dear Surfer Bark,
Man you are hangin’ more than five my friend.  You might take off if them ears get any more steam behind them BOL.  I hang 5 in the dam. It’s usually followed by mum landing flat BOL …wonder what that counts as BOL


Dear Forrest,
I look fat. Maybe it’s my ears? Maybe it’s that bunny tail? Maybe it’s the beer talking from another bottle down? Can you help out a bunny? What do you think? Signed Fatbun

Dear Fatbun,
I think you are standing in front of the wrong mirror my friend. You look fine to me..nice and plump and round and delish…oops I mean fine. Sorry, I get side tracked by bunnies. I think if you were here at my place I could help you you like to run? BOL


Thanks to Fozziemom and Forrest for another great issue.  Remember my friends, these Dear Bacon issues can’t happen without you 🙂  Remember to send your pictures and questions to me at


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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon,
They always say that grass is always greener on the other side.  Well, I stuck my head through the fence to look at the other side.  And you know what?  It doesn’t look greener.  Can you hear what I’m saying pig?  It does *not* look greener.  Signed Mythbuster Goat

Dear Mythbuster Goat,
Thank you for letting me know that.  I’ve always wondered about the grass being greener on the other side.  I just never knew what the other side was.  Now I do.  You’ve helped *me* out so very much. 




Dear Bacon,
What?  I’m only helping my brother out in getting all of the crumbs on the bottom of the bowl.  Really?  Cause you know all of the good stuff is on the bottom of the bowl.  Honestly.  Signed Chef Paw

Dear Chef Paw,
I will take your word for that.  Take it from an expert who is used to getting all of his crumbs, it’s much easier just to flip the bowl over.  That way, you can get some of the crumbs as well.  Just a tip my friend….and thank goodness your brother wasn’t drinking water.




Dear Bacon,
I was having a dream that I was fixing to eat the biggest hot dog in the entire world.  It look so delicious.  I could almost taste it.  Then I woke up cause I bit my paw.  What a let down.  Do you ever dream of eating food?  Signed Dog Dreams

Dear Dog Dreams,
Snorticles.  Do I ever have those dreams – snorts.  That’s like asking me if I’m hungry.  Of course I have those dreams.  I can’t say though that I’ve ever tried to eat a paw or hoove.  My legs are too short to reach my mouth – thank goodness!That must have been a mighty good dream my friend.




Dear Bacon,
Where are the clothes pins when you need them?  Sometimes I just need a few to pin back the wrinkles on my head.  That way, maybe my tongue wouldn’t fall out of my mouth when I’m sleeping.  You think?  Signed Rip Van Pup

Dear Rip Van Pup,
I feel you my friend.  I totally feel you.  Sometimes when I sleep, everything wonders into their own zipcode.  My mom feels the same way.  All it means though is you are totally relaxed and comfortable in your environment.  That’s a good thing. 




Dear Bacon,
Bottoms up!  I saw the pictures you had of Bashful at Tybee Island last October.  They really intrigued me.  I thought I would stick my head in the ocean to see if I could find Sponge Bob and Patrick.  I didn’t see them but got a lot of water in my trunk.  And by the way, does this ocean make my butt look big?  Signed Scubaphant

Dear Subaphant,
I’m so sorry little guy.  Bashful saw Spongebob at Tybee last year because they were doing a movie on the island.  I think afterwards he went back home to Hawaii.  But I say, keep looking cause you never know where he might wash up on shore.  As far as your butt, it looks just fine.  I only wish mine was that cute!


Friends – don’t forget to send your questions and pictures to me at


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“Oh Bashful!”

As you know, my pet rock Bashful has been traveling and has been visiting Misaki overseas.  He is currently on the way home and it can’t be a minute too soon.

Last night, I was awakened by some noises in my bedroom that I share with the rock clan.  Yep, I can admit that the rock clan – Princess Coralena, Virginia, Manny and Rockelle – have a little corner in my bedroom that they hang out.

At first, I didn’t know what the sound was so I layed in bed listening.  Then I heard it again, “Oh Bashful.” Then I heard lots of giggling.  WTP (What the pig) was going on?  I opened one of my eyes and looked over towards the rock clan.  It seems that Princess Coralena was having a dream about Bashful.  Oh Dear Lord.  I so do not need to hear this – snorts.

I got out of bed and stumbled over to her corner.  I gently woke her up and we talked about her dream.  It seems that Princess Coralena has really been missing Bashful.  She told that she had a dream about him and they were lost on a deserted island alone.  She painted quite the little picture for this oinker.  So much so, that I came up with this picture in my head –

I think Bashful may be in trouble when he gets home.  Now, he has two gorgeous rocks fighting for his attention.  That’s right.  I said two.  Princess Coralena was playing hard rock with him before not wanting to say she ‘liked’ him.  Then, he came home with Rockelle from Australia who was very up front with her feelings for him.  I do hope by the time Bashful gets home that he decides what is best for him with these two ladies.

What do you think he should do?  I really don’t know what to tell him as far as advice.


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