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Blast from the Past

 Mom is at it again cleaning out boxes in the garage.  She hasn’t done it in a while because of her back pain…. which by the way we found out wasn’t exactly back pain.  The pain was in her right hip, hurt to touch, she couldn’t lay on that side and was just horrid.  She went to the doctor and learned that it was Trochanteric bursitis.  Joy huh?  So she’s treating that and mom says thank you very much for everyone that prayed and was thinking about her.

But anyway, back to the blast from the past.  Anyone remember “You Sunk My Battleship!”  There’s a gazillion pieces and looks fun for me to drag all over the house but mommy says no touchy…. and that means the purr things here too at the Hotel Thompson!  Snorts.

Anyone want to play?   I call blue side!



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