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Hey my friends!  This week, we have another wonderful guest stepping in for me to help out with my Dear Bacon issue.  This week, my cohort who shares love for *my* sweet Nylablue (winks) is doing a special Dear Kuruk issue. It’s all fun and games and I do love my buddy Kuruk.  Be sure to check out his blog and show him so love as well.  Thanks Kuruk – you’re the guy 🙂

 20140622-160337-57817594.jpgDear Kuruk, It’s so hot here. My humans insist that I go outside and “play”. What are they thinking? So I did what any smart pooch would do. I took some ice outside with me. Works for me. What do you think? Signed Hot Hot Hot

Dear Hot Hot Hot, I hear ya! Our humans just don’t understand what it’s like to have a fur coat. You are furry smart to take your cooling system with you. I would definitely do the same. Hmmmmm…maybe I should get a snow machine! Stay Coowooowooool! .


20140622-160835-58115203.jpgDear Kuruk, There’s this great invention that someone invented call central air conditioning. In this heat of the summer, I’m not moving from my comfy place on the sofa. What do you do to stay cool? Signed Stretch

Dear Stretch, I wish I had central air conditioning! I like Hot Hot Hot’s idea to lay on some ice cubes, but usually to stay cool I sit in front of a fan or by the breezy windows. All this talk of heat makes me want to go to the snowooowooooooooo!


20140622-161229-58349575.jpg Dear Kuruk, OMD (oh my dog)! It’s true. It’s really true. My humans told me if I dug long enough I would pop up on the other side of the world. They were right. It really happened. Have you ever dug a big hole like this? Signed Digger

Dear Digger, I dig your hole! WOL! (wooooooooooosoutloud) I’ve dug big big holes, and in spite of Mama’s warning that I might end up in China (wherever that is!) I have yet to pop up on the other side of the world. Can I join you? .


20140622-161623-58583374.jpg Dear Kuruk, You don’t pick love. Love picks you. I’m in love with Sally here. Who’s to judge, right? Signed Teddy

Dear Teddy, So truewoooowooooo! Love is love regardless of how the pawson or hoofson looks! I aplawd your devotion! p.s. Sally is beauwoowoooootiful! .



Dear Kuruk, I’m Batdog. Here is the proof. Finally it’s out now. I feel better knowing now that all the world will know. What’s your inner superhero? Signed Batdog

Dear Batdog, Doesn’t feel good to be out of the shadows?! WOL! High paws to you! My inner superhero is Underdog! Woooooooowooooooooooooo!



Thanks Kuruk for stepping in for me this week – I really appreciate it.  And remember friends, Dear Bacon issues can’t happen without you.  Keep sending your letters/questions to me at


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