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Dear Bacon

 Dear Bacon – Really!?  Have you ever had one of those mornings?  There I was in the bathroom drinking out of my personal fountain when my pops got out of the shower.  Oh have mercy.  I threw my arms in the air like I just didn’t care and told him that I gave.  I mean really.  Should anyone be unfortunate to see their humans getting out of the wet shower… naked.  I think I may need psychiatric help for years after this.  I really thought he was trying to hold me up.  Shaking my purr head.  Signed Hands Up Among Other Things


Dear Hands Up Among Other Things – Thank you my friend.  Now I among all of my faithful readers will now be in psychiatric help right there along with you.  Once has been read can now not be unread and we will all have this visions in our mind.  Thanks for sharing my friend.  I hope therapy helps for all of us – snorts.


  Dear Bacon – Batcat lives.  My shadow says everything.  I am the real Batcat.  Be afraid.  Signed Batcat

Dear Batman – Well there you go then my friend.  The shadow never lies.  You are most definitely Batcat for sure.  Now be very still in that position.  I would hate to see you lose one of your lives since well you know since you are Batcat.


Dear Bacon – Day 3 and the pooches have no clue of my secretive undercover mission here.  I tell you my friend – I have the power!  I get to hear everything that they talk about.  It’s not as exciting as what I thought.  Meows.  Signed Purr Thing on the Downlow

Dear Purr Thing on the Downlow – WOW.  Really they don’t have interesting conversations?  You haven’t heard anything exciting.  Tell us.  What do dogs really think about all day.  You can tell us. It’s about licking themselves isn’t it?  Snorts with piggy laughter.

Dear Bacon – Help me.  If this picture doesn’t scream HELP – how many other ways can I say that?  What human in their right mind would ever think this was awesome or fun for us?  Really?  Tell me the advertising for this contraption didn’t have those words.  Because I’ll tell you something Bacon – it’s not fun.  It’s not awesome.  It’s confining.  It’s hot.  I think I will pee all over my human in disgust.  What say you?  Signed Pussy in a Bubble

Dear Pussy in a Bubble – I’m sitting here just shaking my head my friend.  What moron came up with this idea?  Squeeze a purr thing in a book bag?  Really?  You look like you are counting the ways of getting even.  I kind of agree with peeing all over your human.  Let’s see how water proof that bag is right now.  Betcha he wouldn’t do that again.  Let me know if he does though… oh my!


Dear Bacon – Look pig – even though I’m a dog I have to make my statement.  I’m not just an ordinary Yorkshire Terrier.  I’m much more than that.  I have personality.  I have to make my mark in today’s world.  What better way than having a creative hairstyle.  Hey, humans do it all of the time.  Why can’t us anipals?  Explain that to me huh.  What do you think.  Too Goth?  Not enough Goth?  Should I paint my nails black as well?  Signed Goth In Training

Dear Goth In Training – Let me tell you my friend.  I am impressed and slightly jealous.  I love your look. It gives you style.  It makes you stand out.  It gives you the umph that you need to say, “Hey, I am my own dog.”  I love it and think the little guy here Houdini needs to pay attention to this letter and make a stand for himself.  And yes why not to black nails.  I say you live once, live it to the fullest!


REMEMBER my friends, Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please remember to send me your pictures and letters to my email address.  ♥


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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon – There.  I’m ready for Winter.  Bring it on Mother Nature.  I’m ready to get rid of the heat and welcome the cooler weather.  My scarf is ready and I’m waiting.  Tap.tap.tap.  That’s my paws tapping while I’m waiting.  When is this winter suppose to get here pal?  Signed Scarf Dog

Dear Scarf Dog – Oh my friend.  I agree with you about weather.  And you do look so very sharp in your scarf – you will be ready for it when Mother Nature decides to play nice.  Now, we have had some cooler days and I can tell with my piggy senses that it’s coming.  But winter is still a far piece away.  Autumn will be here September 23.  Winter is not officially here until December December 21.  So we do have some time.  But Autumn does bring cooler weather too.  And this little oinker can’t wait!  Until then, stay cool my friend.


Dear Bacon – Sometimes you just need a sleep buddy to hold on to to keep the nightmares away.  It’s always better knowing someone is there for you.  Do you have a sleep buddy?  Signed Ginger Twins

Dear Ginger Twins – I think that’s a fabulous idea my friends.  Mom and dad go to sleep holding hands.  They say that otters do the same thing so they don’t float away from each other in the water.  You see, lots of anipals do this and I do believe it’s a wonderful way to fall off to sleep knowing someone has your paw.  Sometimes I sleep with mom/dad and get close to them.  Other times, Houdini or Mouse Girl will bunk with me and lay real close.

Dear Bacon – It’s not bad enough that I have to wear the cone of shame.  Oh no.  I should have known something was up when my human dad wanted to hold me for a second.  I could feel him doing something to my cone of shame but didn’t know what.  That is until I met up with the mirror and saw his creation.  Really dad?  Perhaps I should get you a cone of shame?  Signed Bat Cat

Dear Bat Cat – I have to admit it my friend but that cone of shame is priceless.  How many other purr things do you know that can say their cone of shame was made just for them.  I say wear it with pride and hey give your human daddy some slack.  His creativity could make you ‘the cat’ of the neighborhood.  Give it a test and see what I mean.  Others will be so jealous!

Dear Bacon – Okay I let the humans sleep in on the weekend.  I didn’t pounce on them and wake them up.  I showed respect and refrained from barking my head off.  But this is where I draw the line.  It is now noon and my bowl is empty.  I’m going to start wasting away soon without my food.  Darn these paws.  If I had fingers, I could get my own food out of the bag and refrigerator.  Humans – WAKE UP.  Signed Hungry Jack

Dear Hungry Jack – WOW – noon huh?  That is total control on your part my friend.  Perhaps pull the humans blankets off of them?  They will wake up quickly with that.  And this picture is priceless for them.  Perhaps email or text it to their magical cell phones.  They wake up pretty quick when those things ring too.  Hope you get fed soon 🙂



REMEMBER friends.  Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please continue to send me your pictures and questions via email.



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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,20131208-214232.jpg

This is my new bed that I got for my birthday.  I freaking love it!  No one messes with me when I’m sitting on top of it.  I wonder why?  Signed BatCat

Dear BatCat,
I like it!  I think it is so you.  So very awesome my friend.  I think my humans need to find me something as interesting for me to take a nap on in the living room.



Dear Bacon,
The wife – she fell asleep on me.  I have no feelings in my arm.  And you know what, I will not move until she wakes.  That’s how much I love her.  Signed Lovesters

Dear Lovesters,
That my friend is love and so very sweet.  I do know what you mean.  Sometimes I have fallen asleep while mom is holding me and she does the same.  She will hold me while I sleep for hours.  It’s a great feeling.  You two lovebirds have an awesome year!




Dear Bacon,
Consider yourself lucky that you are a guy.  It’s hard looking this good every day.  Just doing my hair takes a lifetime.  All you have to do is throw a cap on and go.  I only wish!  There’s shampooing, conditioner, gel, blowdry – oh the list could go on!  Signed Marilyn

Dear Marilyn,
I hear you my pet.  It may take you a while to get ready but let me tell you in two words what the results are – HUBBA HUBBA!  But even without all of that, you are a natural beauty and I would be very proud wondering the streets with you on my side!



20131208-214444.jpg Dear Bacon,

This is what happens when grandma comes for a visit.  This lipstick is hard to get off.  Can you relate?  Signed Kissed

Dear Kissed,

Snorts my friend.  Grandma just LOVES her little granddog.  There’s no harm in that.  What’s a little soap and water with all of that loving you just got?  I’m all for it.  Enjoy it to the fullest my friend.



Dear Bacon,
My humans are just ridiculous.  That’s it bottom line.  They got me this delicious snack treat and took my picture.  This was actually on our Christmas cards this year.  Pig, you gotta help me.  I feel so stupid.  Signed Lips

Dear Lips,
I’m sorry my friend.  I read your question and then looked at your picture.  For some reason, all I can think about is Mick Jagger.  I’m not sure what the connection is – the ears maybe?  Snorticles.  You see, humans do things that they think are funny.  Our jobs are to make them laugh and smile.  You fulfilled your job.  They love you pooch – enjoy it!


Remember friends to send your questions/pictures to me at


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