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Time to Get in Shape


I hope I haven’t waited too late.  I must get into shape – summer will be here before you know it.  I’ve got to get this winter hibernation weight off of me and get ready for swimsuit season.  What?  I gotta look good too to catch the ladies.  I can’t let my friend Maxwell be the only happening pig.  He has the west coast.  At least I can have the south.



So bring on the jumping jacks and running.  The purr things here at the Hotel Thompson have been so kind and said they would help me.  Of course, Bashful is already stealing food off of my plate to help me out.  That little devil!


Mom and dad have even jumped on the band wagon and said they were trying to do better in front of me.  No more sweets or other goodies.  That’s hard on a pig! 

Mom said I could borrow her inner core ball to help strengthen my inner core.  Have you ever tried one of these silly balls?  OMP (Oh my pig!)  They are the devil!  How in the world do they expect me to balance my 45 pound pot belly on that little wiggly ball?  I’m trying.  I mean, I would love to have a six pack but at this point I think I’m solid with a keg with this belly! 

I still have to have mom help me with this.  Of course, Bashful being the ever loving pet showed me how to do it.  Sure, for someone that weighs less than a pound it’s easy.  Give you a pot belly and four hooves and see how you do smarty rock. 

So, I’m off to exercise for my beach body.  I wonder if it counts if I watch people exercise on television?

Wish me luck my friends.  XOXO – Bacon


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Anyone Want to Play Ball?


Yep, you can tell Spring is out and about.   I started playing with my ball at the Hotel Thompson last night.  I was pushing it around with my snout.  Mom and Hemi playing with me for the longest time.  Mom would roll it down the hall.  I would go get it and push it back to the living room with my snout.  Then Hemi got into the action.  He would run through the house and kind of jump kicking it down the hall.  I again would push it back with my snout. 

I tried to get Bashful to play with me but he said he was tired from his travels still.  He mentioned something about jet lag so I didn’t want to push him.  I let him stay in the bedroom and put on a show for him.  He went through all of my DVD’s and has fallen in love with a show called Fraggle Rock.

He says the show humors him and makes him smile.  He loves the characters in it – Gobo, Red, Mokey, Wembley and Boober.  Although he says the Gorgs – Pa, Ma and Junior – scare him just a tad bit.  I actually found him hiding under a blanket the first time he saw them.  Poor Bashful. 

So, anyone up for a little bit of ball with me? 

And yes, I know you are going to ask about the ball.  Yes, it is Olivia the Pig.  She is sassy.  It is a girl.  Yes she has cooties.  It was the only ball they had when daddy went to the store.  I don’t mind kicking her around – snort. 


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Happy Weekend Equals Happy Pig


20130107-082117.jpgI love long weekends when mom and dad are home.  It seems like when that happens, I get a lot of attention.  Not that I’m an attention hog or anything but they are fun weekends.

Yesterday was dad’s birthday.  Bless the old man he turned 50!  Mom says that the number is high but he still acts like 5 so we’re okay.  I pulled my king size bankie all the way into the front room and was rolling on it.  Dad thought he would play ball with me.  I asked him if he could, you know, with his age and everything – LOL

We played ball for over an hour.  He would roll it down the hall and I would go and push it back with my snout.  Even the purr things tried to get in on my play time.  It was really fun.  Mom was going to video tape it but she was busy with dinner. 




When she came back in the living room to tell us to wash up for dinner, this is how she found me on my bankie.  Mom was like what happened?  Dad told her that he tuckered me out from playing ball.  Well, he did.  Mom fed me my dinner and I went to my room to take a recharge nap from play time.  I couldn’t believe how tired I was!

After mom and dad’s dinner, I came out all sleepy looking.  Mom just laughed at me.  I couldn’t even walk a straight line I was so tired. 

But do you know what the best thing was?  Dad let me have his baked potato peel – he ate the inside and kept the outside for me.  Even on his birthday he was sharing.  That’s my daddy!  It was fantastic too.  Afterwards, I jumped on the couch with mom and we watched television for a short while.  But I think with that wonderful dinner, we were all tired.  Mom made us all go to bed early last night to get some rest.

Hope your weekend was wonderful as well my friends –

Hogs and Kisses – Bacon 


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Santa Paws Came !!

20121219-065235.jpgSANTA PAWS CAME!

Nana came to the house yesterday bringing me some gifts from Santa Paws. Oh my – thud – I almost couldn’t stand it. Mom forgot to put my bananas in this picture but it gives you an ideal of Nana brought me. I’m in hog heaven here at the Hotel Thompson! Isn’t Nana the best?!  She is so meant for spoiling this already spoiled pig.  She’ll tell you that too – I am S*P*O*I*L*E*D rotten.  But aren’t all children meant to be spoiled and loved?


This is a list of what I have at the house now and trust me I am a happy little runt pig.  I haven’t had this many goodies in a long time!

  • 8 pounds of red apples – that’s right.  It’s not a typo – 8 POUNDS of red apples.  I love me some apples… any kind, any color.  Can you believe that I smelled these out last night and found where daddy had put them in the kitchen.  Mom had to put them in the refrigerator to get them away from my smeller – snort.
  • 5 pounds of carrots – yep that’s another one – 5 POUNDS of carrots.  You would think that with all of the carrots that I eat that I would have excellent vision but I don’t.  But what I don’t have in vision, I make up in smelling.
  • Bulk celery – mmm – I love celery… even the little wisps of it that hang off at the top of celery.  Love that part!
  • Cabbage – that is one HUGE head of cabbage.  Mom will probably eat some of this cabbage too.  But do you know what the battle is going to be?  The core of the cabbage.  Me and mom both like to naw on the core of the cabbage.  Have you ever done that?  It’s got a little spice to it and so delicious!
  • My personal sized watermelon.  This is definitely a treat since it’s winter time here in Georgia.  Mom will cut it all up (like she did last night) and put it in buckets in the refrigerator to get it cold.  She even cuts up the rind – I love the rind.  She gave me a whole slice last night.  You know what I did to it.  I bit into it and then took off down the hall to my room to eat it and enjoy it.  Mom chased me down with a towell and held it for me while I ate it.  Then she cleaned everything up for me. 
  • Bananas – You don’t see them in this picture because mom forgot to grab them.  She got me a whole bunch of 10 – 10 bananas all to myself.  Pig heaven – literally!  Can you believe that one time mom was holding a banana and I tried to crawl up her legs to get it?  Yeah, we had a little prayer meeting about that afterwards.  They are so delicious!

So you see now why I love my Nana.  She also brought mom and dad a whole bunch of food too.  Between Nana and my Aunt Tina, our fridge and cabinets are nice and full of food.  I’m a happy camper because this makes my mommy happy.  She doesn’t have to stand in the kitchen and wonder what she can pull together any more.  Now, she opens the fridge/freezer/cabinets and says, “MMMM – everything looks good, what to have, what to have!” 

20121219-092028.jpgOOOOHHH, and mom brought me home a ball.  She was telling one of her friends about me getting a bouncy ball.  They brought her one and can you believe it has a pig on it?!   They call this pig Olivia. I still don’t understand why all of my toys have pigs on them?  Shakes head and wonders…  Here’s a picture of my new toy.

You’re probably asking yourself how do I play with this ball?  Well, I push it around with my little snout everywhere in the house.  Nana says that snout of mine gets me in trouble.  She would be right.  I push this ball down the hall, up the hall, on the walls, in my room and chase after it.  Can you believe that the purr things were trying to play with me last night.  They would push it to me and I would snout it back to them.  It was kind of fun.  Momma says that she is going to video tape it next time because for once in my life, she didn’t have her camera handy.  Imagine that!

Happy hump day my friends – XOXOX Bacon


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