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My New Mom – :)

This is my mom – pretty huh? She has long hair and she said that it was H.O.T., especially in the summer. She’s never had it this long before. Every morning when she washed it, then proceeded the drying part that took forever. In fact, it took time from my morning mommy/piggy time it took so long to dry. And well, you can’t see those pretty eyes or face with it being so long. And most days, she would pull it up in what she called a pony tail. Why have long hair if you are going to pull it up in a pony tail all of the time, am I right?



So she decided to go get her hair cut. She wouldn’t say what she was going to do. She sent this picture to dad with a message that stated, “This was my hair?!” Dad showed it to me and we both were awestruck. What did mommy do? Did she finally cross over the fine line of insanity? We were worried for a while. She’s threatened in the past to get it ‘all cut off’. Did she finally do it? Me and dad were both on the edge walking the floor back and forth waiting for mom to get home. And you know of course, however mom got it, we were going to love it but in the mean time, we were scared.

So mom finally called and said she was finished and on the way home. The anticipation was so stressful. Then, my mommy walked through the door. AAAWWW – it was cute. I can see mom’s eyes and face. She likes it because it doesn’t take long to dry or fix. And dad, well dad loved it! He immediately ran his fingers through it – it was so soft and manageable.

What do you think? XOXO – Bacon



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