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Bashful Badge

Friends – if you have hosted my sweet little innocent Bashful (I know – that’s definitely a stretch – snorts with piggy laughter), you know have a badge that you can proudly display on your blog.  My brother Phenny across the pond had his dad make this awesome badge.  Isn’t it great?!  So please, proudly display this badge if you have hosted my little tyke ❤


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Even in Time of Grief…

Oh sweet friends – even in time of grief, Nellie’s mom Barb made this badge above for other anipals that have been interviewed by me here at the Hotel Thompson.  We received this email yesterday when mom/dad were running around doing errands from mom’s accident several weeks ago.  Mom actually cried.  Do you know it is so hard in life to find true friends and we have so many here in blogville.  I can imagine Nellie’s mom and all of the hurt she is going through at this time.  We have been there too with the anniversary of our Mouse Girl’s passing coming up next week.  The only thing that remotely helps our grieve in times like this is to know that all of our wonderful friends that have already passed the Rainbow Bridge are now greeting the newcomers.  It brings tears to our eyes and hearts knowing there are so many that are leaving us but we want to remember that although they are gone, they are never very far from our hearts and memories.

So my friends that have been interviewed by Bacon, please accept this badge to post proudly on your page. Not only for Bacon but for remembering where the badge came from with love.

We miss all of our beloved anipal friends that have passed.  And for the rest of the day, we would like to light this candle in their memories.  We hope that you share on your blog.  Much love my friends from all of us here at the Hotel Thompson ❤


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You Made It!!

Thank you so much my sweet friends for surviving my 31 Days of Spook. It was a fantastic month full of wonderful stories. We at the Hotel Thompson hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did and bringing it to you.

We would also like to do a shout out to say thank you for those that submitted stories and helped with pictures.   A special thank you to my brother Easy for making our yearly I Survived Bacon’s 31 Days of Spook 2016 badge.

We hope that you proudly display this badge on your blogs. Thanks again sweet friends.


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Thank You My Friends

Thank you for making my 31 Days of Spook last month a great month.  

I hope you had as much fun reading my blogs as I did creating them… and I hope I didn’t scare you too bad.  I work year round in gathering different stories and fun facts to share. I really hope it showed.

As in years past, at the end of October I like to offer a badge for surviving my 31 Days of Spook.  I like to give a special shout out to my brother Easy and his staff across the pond for coming up with this year’s, “I Survived 31 Days of Spook 2015”.  I think this year’s badge really showcases my spooky October.  Please feel free to share this special badge on your blog.

And thank YOU for visiting my blog and being part of my 31 Days of Spook.  Now, I’m going to get some rest because you know what’s coming soon, right?  That evil Elf on the Shelf – shivers.  Is it that time already?



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The Last Clue

Okay friends – here we go with the LAST clue of who my parents are meeting and where.  Put on your thinking hats.  The first person to answer correctly on WHO and WHERE will receive a badge that was so kindly created by the friends we are meeting.  And let me tell you something – it’s a beauty! A keeper to be so proudly displayed on your blog for all of the world to see.

Now – there have been clues such as:  banjo music; a different time zone and even possum in a can with gravy – yum huh?

Now, let’s think of WHO we are meeting. Let’s give a few hints as to who they are shall we.  Another couple.  A lot of fellow bloggers know them as well.  Let’s think beavers – gnaw gnaw.  Let’s think we are from the south and they are from the north.  And the biggest clue is from Walt Disney himself, “We are Siamese if you please.”

Now on to WHERE we are meeting.  Here in the south.  Someplace that loves the banjo music.  Someplace that is redneck.  Someplace that is nicknamed the Rocket City. Someplace that has lots of “Space” activity.

There you go my friends.  The clues have been given.  We need you to take the challenge now.  The first correct answer of WHO and WHERE we are meeting wins the badge.  AND the meeting is happening soon.  That’s all we will say – soon.  And of course, there will be pictures galore taken of everything imaginable.  So GO


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You survived my 31 Days of Spook 2014.  I would love to take this time to thank everyone for their participation and support this October.  It really touches my heart with your comments, contributions and reblogs.  Your friendship means the world to this little oinker.  I can’t even begin to tell you thank you enough!

My brother Easy made this badge for you to display for surviving my 31 Days of Spook.  I hope that you will display it on your blog with pride.  I’m off to work now in preparation for my 25 Days of Christmas.  Can you believe how fast the year is going?  Thanks again my friends!



Easy – Thank you so much brother for doing my 31 Days of Spook badge.  Not only that for being a great and bestest friend ever.  Even in times where your dad has been sick, you still take time to help out and be there for your friends.  You are the bestest brother ❤  Thank you – thank you – and thank you!


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I Need *YOU* – Final Request

I need *YOU* my friends!

NOTE: I have four days still open for October. If you would like to submit a story for one of those days, please send me an email as soon as you can to reserve a day. If you need time to write your story, I will give it to you but please reserve one of these days as soon as you can. I appreciate your help my friends!

Every October on my blog, I do 31 Days of Spook. I started that last year and it was so much fun! Can you imagine, 31 days of scary stories, pictures, places to visit and things that go bump in the night – squeal! People enjoyed my October blog so much that my buddy Easy suggested I do a monthly edition which I do on the 13th of every month called Bacon’s Tales of Terror. Just a little something to keep your interests piqued with the unknown.

This is where I need *YOU*. I’m working on some stories for October. Have you ever visited a haunted location? Do you have strange paranormal happenings in your area or gulp – your house? Do you have a local Bigfoot with a good story? Have you been abducted by aliens?

If so, please put on your writer’s cap and become an Investigator for me. Can you write me a little story of what happened and email it to me at I would so ❤ to include it in my 31 Days of Spook in October. And hey, you might even get a scary little badge for your page 🙂 Thanks my friends!!


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