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Open Apology to Mom

Okay all of us anipals here at the Hotel Thompson are writing this to mom as an open apology for our misbehavior this morning.  We apologize and will try very hard not to let it happen again.  Really.  We will.  So let us explain our behavior my friends.

First up.  Mom is not a morning person.  Not at all.  We are talking zombie before coffee – no coffee no talkie.  Well this morning, rolls piggy eyes and looks innocent, someone set the alarm to zero five hundred dark in the woods time to get up… something about trying to be the first to check in with cousin Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser. (And no I wasn’t first – darn it and shuffles hooves).  Well after I checked in, I went back to sleep in the big bed – see me here in the picture.  Mom was not amused.  She got up, went to the bathroom, mumbled about who in their right mind would change the alarm clock and then went back to bed for a few minutes.  Unfortunately that’s when she fell asleep and that’s bad.  Bad because today is a worky day and she has to go that worky place.  And the alarm clock already went off.  This is not good.

A couple of hours later, mom wakes up because Hemi is rolling around on her side.  That’s when she notices that it is awfully lit inside of the room.  She sits up and’ because it’s almost 8:00AM.  What the cream cheese?  What happened?  I know – I know – “someone set the alarm to zero five hundred dark in the woods time to get up”.  

She jumps out of bed, tells daddy she’s running late and starts the marathon.  But of course we are all standing there looking at her like, “Hey, remember us?”  You know that pitiful look of we have never eaten before and are starving – snorts.  And did you know there is a reason why we anipals get up in shifts in the morning for feeding.  You see, I need to eat first.  It’s just the way it is.  Once you satisfy my rumbling belly with my piggy chow and Cheerio’s, I’ll go back to sleep.  Then there is Houdini that gets fed.  If you don’t feed him by himself and watch, the purr things try to eat his food.  And then lastly, it’s the purr things.  We all like the purr things food – snorts. Try feeding us all at one time – snorts with piggy laughter.  Let’s just say that it didn’t go too well and mom still had not had any coffee.

And then there was the incident with the front room carpet mat near the entrance.  Someone was caught gnawing on it like it was a puppy treat – not mentioning any names little guy.  There’s now a hole in it and mommy might have blown a gasket because of that…. or maybe it was because I butted my head through the baby gate into the kitchen and ate some of the purr things food?… or maybe it was the purr thing Hemi chasing Houdini around the house knocking over the water dish?  I’m not really sure what exactly it was that threw mommy over the edge this morning but I think she sure was glad to go to the worky place this morning.  Sorry mom.


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Tails of the Weekend


 Hey my friends – Happy Monday.  I hope everyone had a long and restful weekend.  I know we all did here at the Hotel Thompson.  This is me on the sofa with mommy doing what I do best.  And yes that is my *special* Egyptian cotton sheet with us.  I dragged it up on the sofa for a me and mom to wrap around us.

We stayed like this for almost half of the day 🙂  Great times for me.  The only times we both got up were for potty breaks and food/drink breaks.  Other than that – mommy was all mine ❤ I really appreciated that and it doesn’t happen too often these days.  Not that both of us don’t want to.  It’s just that this cold weather has me hibernating, wanting to sleep and be by myself.  I tend to do this in the winter – but come Spring watch out.  I will be running up a storm up and down the halls and in the backyard.


  When I wasn’t on mom, this little guy Houdini was.  Notice his new toy in his mouth.  I do believe he thinks it’s a real cupcake.  But never fear.  He found out soon enough.  He tried to eat the cherry on the top.  My brother Easy would be proud of him.  He got this cupcake toy and destroyed it in a matter of hours.  Way to go Little Man Houdini!  A cupcake today – what holds for tomorrow?

I have to admit that his teething has somewhat calmed down.  He doesn’t seem to be chewing everything – including my tail – much more these days – snorts.  But he is smart. He figured out how to get through the kitchen gate.  So mom/dad are bringing in back up to fix the problem this week.  Way to go little guy!

So here’s to a great week my friends<3


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Bacon the Amazing

Snorts. That got your attention huh? After showing everyone my delectable little back side yesterday, there were some requests to see that tail movement in action. A couple of days ago, mom caught me running through the Hotel Thompson and took a little video. There two things I need to warn you about in this video.

1 – mom has a real southern twang; and,
2 – thankfully daddy has shorts on. Ha!

I hope you enjoy me in action doing what I do best. ❤️  These days it’s getting harder and harder for mom to catch me in action.  You see I’ve gotten bigger which means I’ve gotten faster in disappearing.  And, mom can catch me and hold the video camera at the same time – snorts.  Happy viewing!

P.S.  You also get to see that disgusting piggy gate that keeps me out of my goal – the kitchen and the ice box – snorts.



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Piggy Down

Sometimes a pig just has to do what a pig has to do – land and take a little siesta. This little pig was running around so much playing… and getting into things as mommy added… that I got totally piggy exhausted. I think mommy said I slept a good solid hour. I was sleeping so hard at one time that she said she got on the floor with me to check my breathing. I was fine. I was just tired.

I kind of like the angle that mom used to take this picture too. It doesn’t show all of my great fat rolls and actually makes me look like a skinny piggy. Yep, I think I might use this picture for our Christmas cards here this year at the Hotel Thompson. Way to go mom.

And I know you are just wondering what kind of trouble I got into, right? Well, you know us pigs. We are really intellectual and learn things really fast. While mommy was cleaning up my bedroom, I learned how to open up the piggy gate that separates the front room and the kitchen. 🙂 two points for this oinker. I was able to roam freely into the kitchen, go up to the big ice box that keeps the food and open the freezer which is on the bottom. I was stumped after that though. All the food was frozen! What’s up with that? Why can’t mommy have the freezer on top and the good food on the bottom where “I” can get it? Then, I could fix my own snacks. Wouldn’t that be great? Darn – mom didn’t go for it either.


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Let’s Stretch – 1, 2, 3 and 4 Now Eat – LOL


Mom forever has her camera out snapping pictures.  She says that she does this because it’s hard to get a good picture of me.  You could have fooled me.  With all of her snapping craze, it’s a wonder I don’t have seizures with the flash going off all of the time.  Seriously mom – step away from the camera for a while.  I’m forgetting what your face actually looks like – snort.

Mom caught me in action with this picture.  See dad is sitting over there.  You don’t see him.  You just see me stretching on the side of the sofa.  He was petting my head like I’m a good pig.  I was actually trying to see what he was eating.  I know he was eating something.  I could hear him crunching it in his mouth.  He knows better than to eat in front of me.  If you eat in front of me, you have to share.  House rules at the Hotel Thompson. 




Mom felt bad for me afterwards so she went into that magical kingdom beyond the baby gate and fixed me a snack.  I love this place called the kitchen.  It holds such wonders and culinary delights!  

Yes, notice the fine china upon that I eat – the piggy plate is my designated plate.  Got it – don’t be taking my plate here at the Hotel Thompson.

Tonights delicacies were yellow squash and frosted mini wheats.  I know – it’s the perfect combination.  It was yummy.  These are two new foods that mom let me try last weekend.  I can’t get enough.  And do you know, I caught mom eating one of *my* frosted mini wheats?!  What’s up with that.  I’ve also caught dad eating some of my animal crackers.  Next thing you know, they’ll be begging ME for food when I’m eating.  Shakes head – what’s a pig to do?  I’ve so got to better train them.

Well my friends – have a fantastic weekend.  My plans are playing, eating, watching television, eating, snuggling on the sofa, eating, surfing the net and well you guess it – eating.  Enjoy!

XOXOXO – Bacon


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