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The BIG Surprise Revealed

Okay go ahead. Can you guess what the BIG surprise is that was acheduled for September?   Let me show you one picture and see if that helps.

Mom and dad are in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA ūüá¶ūüáļ¬†visiting Fozziemom and her hubby. Squeals with piggy excitement. Can you believe that!? ¬†A great trip planned and kept a secret since Christmas.

And don’t worry folks, since my rolling stone Bashful has dual citizenship in Australia he went along for the ride. Bashful was used to that long flight – somewhere around 20 hours – so he talked to everyone that he might. In doing that, he got invited up to cockpit for a personal visit. And trust me friends, even that wasn’t his first time. We will be sure to post more information when mom/dad get back.




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Happy Birthday Bashful!!


 OMP (oh my pig!)  Can you believe that it’s been FOUR years since Bashful came to live with me here at the Hotel Thompson?  This is him all snuggled in transport the first time that I saw him – aaww.  Wasn’t he all cute and innocent in his straw bed? 

And to think of all of the places he  has been in the world?  He’s going to need extra pages in his passport book soon ‚̧

So, today, let’s all wish our little international rolling stone a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



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We Got Mail

Squeals with piggy excitement. ¬†Don’t you just get overly excited when you get mail? ¬†I know this little oinker does. ¬†Heck, I’m on a first snort basis with our mailman. ¬†I think he gets as excited as I do when he sees an envelope made out to this little piggy. ¬†And what was it and who was it from you are asking yourself?

Wait no longer. ¬†I got the world. ¬†Snorts with piggy laughter – okay maybe not the ‘world’… but I did get Australia. ¬†Okay maybe not the entire Australia – how about a snow globe of Australia. ¬†And who was it from? ¬†It was from my bestest Auntie Sharon in the entire world. ¬†You know Auntie Sharon from gentlestitches. ¬†Isn’t she the best and so awesome for thinking of little old me? ¬†I just want to jump in an airplane and go thank her in person… but there’s too many layovers and I might get lost. ¬†Wouldn’t that be something? ¬†Can you see it now in the headlines, “Traveling oinker lost in connections.”

So Auntie Sharon – I’m sending you loads of hogs and snout kisses. ¬†Forgive me okay if I didn’t send you an email right away. ¬†Mom has been under the weather. ¬†It’s hard enough to keep daddy in check these days but we all know when the mommy is down, the house is down. ¬†Much love my sweet friend ‚̧


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31 Days of Spook – The Curse of the Sorry Rocks

Welcome my friends to 31 Days of Spook. ¬†Today’s Curse of the Sorry Rocks is submitted by my Auntie Sharon from Gentlestitches. ¬†Are you ready to be spooked – remember as always, my hoof is there for you. ¬†Happy shivering.


The area around Uluru in outback Australia had an unusual rainfall before we arrived last week. This resulted in a desert land with scatterings of plant life to be transformed into a carpet of wildflowers. Did I take some cuttings home to add to my own carefully crafted Australian wildflower garden?


Let my explain briefly………………

The area of and around Uluru is considered sacred. The Anangu people are the legal custodians. Visitors are welcomed but expected to act in a respectful way.

Visitors are allowed to take photographs and that is all. It is a 5000 dollar fine if caught with any sands or rocks but even so that alone doesn’t always deter people.  What does deter people is


Every year, rocks, sand and vegetation, often very small, are returned to the Katatjuka National Park head quarters with letters of apology. It seem either the people’s guilt or the curse, led to misfortune and misery of some kind and they want to atone.


So we took photos and made friends with camels. All of whom were ‚Äúrescue camels‚ÄĚ and very well looked after. ¬†(my camels name was Lasseter because he was found wandering around the Lasseter highway) ¬†When you are a visitor you should respect your host, particularly if there is a well documented curse if you don‚Äôt.





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Surprise Surprise – I Got Scared

There I was last night after dinner, minding my own business, curled up on mom’s lap taking a little siesta in the lap of paradise. ¬†That’s when mom remembered that I got mail. ¬†So she tells daddy to hand it to her so she can open it and share with me.

Oh my piggy heavens – it’s from my Auntie Sharon in Australia. ¬†You know her from her gentlestitches. ¬†She is amazing and such a super duper awesome friend.

So mom opens the envelope and it’s a card. ¬†Mom reads the front and opens it. ¬†Okay that’s when some pig ‘might’ have gotten a little scared, squealed, jumped off mom’s lap and ran down the hall to his room. ¬†I’m just sayin’. ¬†I wasn’t expecting it. ¬†That’s all… I’m not afraid.

So of course, mom had to video tape the after effects.  Gee, thanks mom.

And thanks to my Auntie Sharon – you rock. ¬†I really appreciated the birthday car and mom is digging her boomerang key chain. ¬†Maybe now she won’t lose her keys – snorts.

‚̧ you Auntie Sharon!


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Travels in the South

Hello sweet friends. ¬†Have you been enjoying our series of Travels in the South? ¬†Today we want to highlight a restaurant that Fozziemom/Fozziedad and my mom/dad visited. ¬†They didn’t eat there but wanted to see the ‘atmosphere’… yeah that’s it. ¬†Atmosphere. ¬†Daddy warned Fozziemom that she couldn’t jump fences and play with the ‘locals’ that hung out here at the restaurant. ¬†You want to see the locals don’t you?

Well one of mom/dad’s favorite restaurants to visit is called The Crab Shack. ¬†It’s located at 40 Estill Hammock Road, Tybee Island. ¬†It’s a unique restaurant plus the wait staff are awesome… some with two legs and others with four legs – snorts with piggy laughter.

Does this picture give you a hint of what four legged wait staff we are talking about? ¬†That’s right – gators. ¬†The restaurant has a little pond out front where they raise these cute little babies. ¬†Aren’t they adorable sunning themselves? ¬†That’s why daddy told Fozziemom she couldn’t jump in and play with them. ¬†It wouldn’t be fair, right?

You can even buy ‘feed’ for the gators and by using a fishing pole of sorts, you can feed the sweet little babies. ¬†Mom/dad said they are so cute… mom might have mentioned wanting one but I can safely say she didn’t bring one home… at least this time.

And does this place seem familiar to you my friends?  This restaurant was also visited when our friends Bill and Jean came for a visit from Canada.  You might remember this picture of the cute little couple standing in front of their newly found friend.


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Spotlight Thursday – Meet Charlie

Spotlight Thursday

Welcome my friends to SPOTLIGHT THURSDAY.  This is the time that I will introduce you to one of my fellow anipals so you can get to know them better.  Some of them, you may already know.  We hope that you enjoy this series!

Name:¬† Charlie Nonuts!!¬† So my testicles didn’t descend .. EVER!¬†¬† What’s so bad about that??

Age:  3

Location: ¬†¬†Noosa, Queensland, Australia or ‘Paradise’ as I prefer to call it.

Web/Blog Page:  Charlie Down Under

What were your first thoughts when you met your new parents? ¬†Crikey ….. I hope they don’t kill me for this but my first thoughts were ….. OMD!!!!!¬† They’re ancient. How the heck do they think they are going to be able to keep up with me.¬† They sure fooled me. They ARE ancient but they’re pretty fit for their age.

What was the defining moment when you knew you were in your forever home? You know ….. there was NO real defining moment.¬† Weird I know, ¬†but it was just like I was meant to be there. I loved Mum and Dad right from day one and I know they loved me too. We’re a great team!!.

What has been your biggest ‚ÄúOh no, now I‚Äôve done it‚ÄĚ moment so far in your home? ¬†¬†Crikey ….. my biggest no no at home was probably just the other day.¬† I peed on the carpet. SO ….. it wasn’t MY fault!!¬† I’ve NEVER peed inside before ….. not EVER!!¬† It was in the middle of the night. I went to Dad’s side of the bed. He’s the easiest to wake up. HE DIDN’T!!¬† I went to Mum’s side of the bed. SHE DIDN’T WAKE UP!!¬† Ok so I only made a tiny little whimper. I only ever make a tiny little whimper. Dad’s always woken up before!!¬† NOT THIS TIME!!¬† I was BUSTING!!!¬† I HAD TO GO!!¬† I went to the doggy door. It was closed. I went to the other door and before I knew what was happening ……. oh the relief!!¬† Fair dinkum ….. it was bliss!!¬† Just as well it wasn’t a good carpet, aye??

¬†Who do you have wrapped around your paws more ‚Äď mom or dad ‚Äď and why? ¬†That’s easy …… Mum!!¬† Dad won’t let me on the bed. He yells at me!!¬† What’s with that??¬† I hate yellin’.¬† BUT if Mum’s having a sleep in and Dad’s gone to work or golf or wherever it is that Dad’s go, I’m up on that bed so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you. AND Mum just snuggles up. How good is that, aye??

What‚Äôs the biggest misconception that humans think about you? ¬†They think I’m sweet. Hmmmmmmmmph!¬† ME?????? Sweet?????¬† Tell that to the rat I caught at the dog park a while back.¬† I not only deaded it in super quick time but I ATE IT!!!¬† Mum’s still recovering!!¬†

Hope you enjoyed meeting my friend ‚Äď check back next week for another Spotlight edition!


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