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OH MY! A Super Duper Special Shout Out –

When I started this blog many moons ago, I never thought I would meet as many nice people as I have and start as many wonderful friendships as I have.  It seems like there are so many people that I feel like I’ve known all of my life.  It’s a wonderful feeling.  Friday afternoon, I got a box in the mail addressed to me.  I was so piggy excited.  Daddy wouldn’t let me open it though.  He told me I had to wait until mommy got home from the worky place.  I’m telling you, 5:00PM couldn’t come fast enough!


Mommy came home and I was already jumping all over her with excitement.  I finally let her put her purse down and pushed her over to my box.  First, there was a lovely handmade card that came out.  Can you tell it was made for me?

Look at that picture – it looks just like me!  And it says, “I heart my pot belly pig”.  AAWW – I resemble that remark.  It was so touching and special.  A car with my resemblance?  Then, mom opened the card and read it.


Oh dear sniff sniff.  They love me.  They really do?  My friends Reilly and Denny at thought about this little oinker and sent me Aussie?  I’m not sure who was making it rain more – me or sentimental mommy?  We went further into the box and what did we find?  My new friend Aussie…









.Do you see Aussie?!  Isn’t he the most cutest little piggy you’ve ever looked at??  He looks so much like me – even down to his pot belly!  I can not tell you how much this gift has touched my little piggy heart my friends.  Reilly and Denny – thank you – thank you – thank you.  I can’t say that enough.  Aussie is the cutest little piggy.  In fact, I’m letting mommy take him to her worky place to put in her office.  That way everyone can see him and talk about where he came from.  He’s awesomesauce!

Thank ya’ll so very much my friends!!


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