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Paw Time with Houdini


Greetings my dear friends in blogville.  This has been a week!  Mom has been running around trying to get her ‘lists’ taken care of.  Does your humans do this?  They keep adding to their lists and trying to scratch things off.  Daddy says as long as mom has the list and doesn’t give him a ‘honey do list” he is good – barks with puppy laughter.  Daddy is such a silly man for sure.

 One of the things on mom’s list was a trip to our local pet store Petsmart.  And guess what – I betcha can’t guess?  I got to go!  Can you say FIELD TRIP?  What a blast!  I love that place.  There are so many toys and so much food and so many people that want to say hey to me.  I just ❤ it!

While we were there, dad found me this cool toy – it’s a tuff piggy.  I love it – especially since it’s wearing wings.  It reminds me of my pig bro Bacon who thinks he can fly too.  But supposedly this new toy is suppose to be tuff and doggy indestructible.  Barks!  We shall see about that my friends.

  And of course while we were shopping, we had to check out the clothes.  Some people think it’s weird but I really, REALLY like wearing my clothes.  When mom changes me – I gotta have her help because my arms are too short to do it myself – I beg for my new shirt.  In fact, I feel naked without my clothes.  It’s just something I’ve gotten used to and I love it.  And yep, I have a baby dresser full of my clothes 🙂  Lucky me huh?

So there we were looking at clothes and mom starts laughing all to herself.  Me and dad were like what’s up?  So she read this shirt to us and said it had to travel home with us.  Can you read it?  “I don’t need your attitude, I have one of my own.”  For some reason, mom/dad said that shirt was perfect for me.  I don’t get it – barks with puppy laughter.  I don’t have an ‘attitude’.  Not at all.  I just want everything and everything my way 🙂

When we got home, mom/dad put away all of their things and were talking in the kitchen.  Finally mom was like, “Where’s Hoo-Hoo?”  That’s when they looked into the living room and saw me.  Mom just *had* to take a picture and was laughing while she did it.  They find me so humorous – I don’t get that either.  But as long as mom laughs and smiles, I guess I’m good with that.

Do you see the irony in this picture?  Mom was telling daddy that there was irony in it but I don’t understand what that means.  What is irony?  Mom mentioned something about seeing my ‘bed’ in the back ground of the picture in front of the fireplace and why wasn’t I in that bed.  But mom, why would I be in that bed when I can stretch out fully on the chaise?  The chaise is so comfy and I’m stretched out fully – barks with puppy laughter.

And now friends, I leave you with Jokes with Daddy – enjoy!



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Happy Friday Eve

Hello Bacons friends – happy Friday eve. Bacon is out eating breakfast and left his computer up and running. Insert evil meow.

I thought I would share this picture of myself 🙂 looking into the mirror. Remember, what matters most is how you see yourself. You are wonderful, beautiful on the inside and outside, a great friend and touch a lot of people’s…and animals…lives.

Happy Friday eve and enjoy your Thursday!! Signed – Master Hemi



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You’re Not the Mommy


You ask, “How can something so cute get into so much trouble?” The answer – by being so bad, talking back to daddy and having him make the dreaded call to mommy. Let me explain. 🙂

Yesterday morning, mom said I was as cute as a snuggle bug. I just wanted to sit on the couch with her all snuggled in my blankie. It was great. I was warm and she was loving on me. I could have spent the entire day like that.  But of course, she has to go to the worky place.  She put me to bed before she went.  But, it just wasn’t the same you know.  The body heat wasn’t there.  I had my special blankie but I wanted mommy.

Daddy was home but he’s not mommy.  I kept barking and grunting all day just giving him heck.  I made a mess in my room.  I tore up some of my towels, got a hold of the paper towels and made a shred fest, knocked over my garbage can and basically drove dad up the wall.  Sigh, I was so bad that he told me if I didn’t straighten up he was going to call mommy at work.  And guess what.  He did.  That’s not cool.   

He put mommy on speaker phone and she had a little piggy prayer meeting with me.  I know when not to grunt back so I listened.  I made up with dad and was good the rest of the day.  When mom got home, we had another come to terms meeting.  I didn’t get my special treat last night because of my behavior.  You better believe I’m going to be better today!

So, here’s looking for a brighter Tuesday – happy day!  XOXO Bacon

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