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Bashful Who?

Bashful has picked up some new talents while visiting Denny and Reilly in Florida.  What are they you ask?  Oh my piggy heavens – you wouldn’t believe it if I told you.  Let’s just say we didn’t know about one of these talents here at the Hotel Thompson.  WOWZER – Now you just have to go check it out.  And remember, let Denny and Reilly know that this little oinker sent you 🙂


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31 Days of Spook – Picture Submission

Hello my friends.  Have you enjoyed my 31 Days of Spook this year?  Have you been frightened beyond belief?  Are you listening to every little bump in the night?  Are you sleeping with a nightlight yet?  Snorts.  Today, we have a guest picture submission.  Just a little something that was submitted by my close friend Ray Laskowitz.  Do you know Ray?  If not, you really need to check out his web page here.  He has the most awesome and beautiful pictures.

Ray submitted a picture that was taken in Old Kenner which is just up the street from New Orleans.  Was it photoshopped or how much was photoshopped?.  You’ve read some pretty wicked stories this month on my blog with some of them based in New Orleans.  We’ll just let you decide on the picture okay my friends.


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My New Tattoo

Really, is tattoos just for the humans?  I don’t think so. 

I’ve been surfing the net and looking around.  There are so AWESOME artwork out there on display.  I just can’t get over the talent that some artists have.  I’ll tell you a secret – come closer because I don’t want anyone to hear me telling you.  Mom has a tattoo.  Yeah, I know.  Hard to believe isn’t it?  Straight laced goody two shoes mom has a tat.  And, it’s not small either.  It’s BIG but some where that not everyone gets to see…. only if she shows it to you.  Who would have thought that?  Are you as surprised as I was when I first found out?

So, I thought to myself, “Pig, why don’t you get one?”  I’ve been on the net.  I’ve seen where actual pigs have tattoos.  They’re amazing.  Of course most of those pigs are pink and I’m black so that creates a small problem.  But, I found a great tattoo artist and let’s just say my rump is now a piece of art.  So I just know you are dying to see my behinney, aren’t you?  Go ahead and say it.  You want to see the Bacon’s butt.  Okay.  well, here you go – my new tattoo



It’s an amazing job isn’t it?  I actually wanted to put MOM in the heart but I was talked out of it.  Strikingly handsome butt isn’t it?  I think it’s the long tail with the white hair at the bottom that draws your attention.  Mom actually braids that hair sometimes.  Don’t tell anyone because I actually do kind of like it when she does that – snort.

What do you think? 

Did I make a good choice? 

I’m full of love and angel at heart?



Please note:  no actual pig was harmed in the making of this picture.  This is not a ‘real’ tattoo but a graphic tattoo. 


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