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Play with Your Food?

Daddy was goofing off with his iPad and found this picture of a banana wearing a hat.  Yep, of all of the things daddy could be looking at, he was looking at bananas.  Strange human he is.

He thought this banana was the cutest thing well since me – snorts.  I just shook my piggy head and walked away.  Walked away that is until I heard him ask mommy, “Hey, we got any nanners in the house?”

Okay, so I redirected my walk back towards daddy.  I mean hey, he’s discussing *my* “nanners” as he calls them.  What did he want with them?  I know he’s not going to eat one.

Yep, you guessed it.  The rocket scientist wanted to play with my food to make said banana hat.  WTP (what the pig!)  I get in trouble when I play with my food and mom is going to let him?  I watched slightly intrigued as to how long this was going to take before he gave up and gave me my banana.

After twenty minutes – rolls piggy eyes – dad did accomplish a somewhat crooked nothing like what this picture looked like of the banana wearing a hat. WOW.  Amazing dad.  Really.  Way to go.

Can I have my banana now?  Snorts.



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When (Black) Pigs Fly

Oh I’m in piggy heaven. This is wonderful – so much talent. You have so got to go visit my new friend and check out all of her creativity! XOXO – Bacon

Paper Cut Illustrations


This is a special post for a new WordPress friend. Hope you like it Bacon!

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Nose Painting – WOW!

Have you ever heard of Sheila Wedegis?  Well you should!  She is the bestest painter.  She has been painting dog noses and lately she painted something different.  She painted my friend, Cocco’s, snout.  Yep, that’s what I said – Cocco’s snout!  It’s so beautiful. 

You can find out more about Sheila Wedegis at .  Someone might have sent her a picture of my lovely piggy snout to attempt to paint – looks around innocently.

Also check out Cocco’s page at

XOXO – Bacon


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