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Snorticles – Way to go Daddy!

   Friends – I want to tell you a story about my daddy.  You know there is a love/hate relationship that goes on between us.  Nothing to fear really.  But sometimes my daddy can be so darn goofy that I have to rat him out.  This is one of those cases – snorts with piggy laughter.

Mom had to go back to the doctors office this morning for a follow up.  At that point, the doctor told her that he wanted to take some blood to do blood work on the situation.  Of course, it helps to know that my mom *hates* needles.  If she doesn’t see it coming, she’s relatively okay.  But, if she sees the situation, it’s not good.

So the nurse comes in to draw the blood while daddy and the doctor watch.  Mom sees the needle – bad move Ms. Nurse.  So mom is flinching and shivering.  Daddy tells her to mom up and suck it up.  Perhaps that should be put on dad’s headstone… “Told mom to suck it up.”  Because you know mom’s head probably turned all the way around at this time to fuss at that daddy of mine.  Who you also have to know is a jokester at heart and didn’t say this to mom to be mean.

Well about that time, the doctor tells the nurse to hold on for a minute.  The doctor then asks daddy when he had blood work done last.  HA!  Way to go Mr. Doctor.  So guess who got blood work drawn before mommy – snorts with piggy laughter.  Way to go daddy in putting your size 10 foot in your mouth.  And yes, mommy might have told daddy to suck it up too.

And of course after daddy’s blood work, the nurse knew better than to show mommy the needle this time.  Afterwards, mom/dad walked out hand and hand with their taped arms.  Oh for those keeping up, that’s dad’s arm with the pretty PINK tape – snorts and oinks my friends.



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Let’s Be Serious For a Bit My Friends

Friends, I need to be a serious for a bit.  You see, there have been some things going on here at the Hotel Thompson that I’ve kept a secret.  Imagine that.  *Moi* keeping a secret.  I know!  I’m more surprised than you are – really I am.  We have all kept it kind of low key waiting to see the results and today we got some.  Mom/dad said it was okay to share now so I am.

Mom went for her yearly mammogram last Wednesday.  Yes, this is where you can say OUCH!  Mommy says they take her breasts and put them between two pieces of glass. Then they squish them to take pictures.  For some women, there is no pain while others say it is very painful… like mom.  It is definitely NOT a happy time.  She kind of compares it to throwing yourself chest first up against a wall like a squishing a fly.  Can you say it now?  OUCH.

So this past Friday, she receives the following phone call at 4:50 PM.  On a Friday – remember that okay.

“This is Dora with the Doctor’s Office.  Is this June?”

“Yes, this is June.”

“Can you verify your date of birth and medical record number?”


“The radiologist has reviewed your images from your mammogram this week.  There is some concern over the images on your right breast.  He sees a cluster of calcification and wants you to come back in for more testing.”

With a worried sound in her voice, “Okay.  What does that mean?  When?”

“Calcification can mean a lot of different things.  We need you to come in 8:30 AM next Wednesday, 09/02/2015.  After some more testing, the radiologist will meet with you and go over everything.”

“Okay.  I’ll be there.”  Looks down at clock and it’s now 5:00 PM… on a Friday.  Great.  Now I will need to break this news to my husband so we can both sweat about it ALL weekend.  Terrific.

So you see friends.  Mom and dad have been worried for a couple of weeks now.  They didn’t tell us anipals about anything until yesterday.  Can you imagine getting this phone call on a Friday afternoon before the weekend?  No wonder mom/dad would just look at each other over the weekend and say to each other, “Really?”  or “What if?”  Unbelievable is what I say.

Yesterday, mom went for her re-test.  Afterwards, the nurse said, “The radiologist wants to speak to you.”  Mom would like to say she was shocked at that but after everything she had been through, can you be more shocked?  Her and dad went to the radiologist’s office to meet with him and go over the results.

So they meet with the doctor and he shows mom/dad all of the images from the Mammogram – the current ones compared to the past ones and talks all of these long words.  That’s when mom speaks up, “Cut to the chase.  What’s going on in my terms?”  Leave it to my mommy huh?  They have found some spots on mom’s right breast. They want to watch them and retake some tests in six months.  He doesn’t think they are anything to worry about but if they are still there and look ‘worse’ in six months, they will probably do a biopsy.  But, he thinks they are okay.  He then went into the different phases, sizes and shapes of different calcification’s.

Bottom line is mom is okay but she has been put through the ringer in the past week with this scare.  Have your moms been through this?  We pray in March 2016 that everything is smooth sailing easy peasy with no worries.  If you can send her healing vibes and prayers, we would so much appreciate it my friends.


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