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Hemi and Daddy Time

20130220-081052.jpgThis is Hemi and Daddy spending some quality time last night after dinner.  Daddy says this is what happens when dinner is really good – you pass out.  I can relate.  I’ve had dinners like that where mom has went way beyond out of the way.

Dad started playing his Angry Bird game on the Ipad.  Of course, Hemi was supervising and helping to ‘swat’ thost pesky little squawkers.  The next thing you knew, dads head as well as Hemi’s started slowly going down.

I just happen to have mom’s camera phone since she was washing the dishes.  Snort – they talk about me snoring – LOL


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Daddy and His Angry Bird Compulsion – Snort

Daddy is such a huge Angry Bird fan.  He plays the games all of the time. He even has shirts that he wears everywhere.  There’s just something so relaxing about the sound of breaking wood and ice in those games.  Me and mom have gotten so use to the sounds, we tune them out now when we are watching television and he is playing on the iPad.    He’s even bought me some toys to resemble the little birds…and especially the pigs.  It’s so funny.  He likes the idea of doing my room in Angry Birds.  Mom on the other hand is a little hesitant.  She doesn’t want me to ‘outgrow’ the look so easily and want to change up so quickly.20130220-081406.jpg

I’ve been surfing the net and I’ve come across several things for daddy and his Angry Bird compulsion.  I think he could use this hat.  I mean really, when he goes out in the morning to start mom’s tonka toy for work, it’s cold out there.  This would keep his head warm plus keep him in his Angry Bird attire.  Match this with one of his t-shirts and boom – you have a game in action!


And, I have to admit that there are times that dad gets a tad bit frustrated playing… just a tad bit.  Sometimes he has a tendency to talk back to those birds and pigs.  I really need to record him at times – it is kind of funny.  A grown man talking back to the i-Pad.  Snort – I do believe pops needs some anger management.  That’s where this shirt caught my attention.  This is exactly the anger management I was thinking of.  If you’ve ever played, you *know* how frustrating it can be… and how entertaining.  I have to admit though, dad is pretty good at it when he’s winning.


And I know sweet mom already has an idea about her and dad’s costumes for Halloween this year but I found something for dad and his obsession.  It’s very fitting and he would definitely be the hit of the party.  Personally, I think mom needs to get this for him, a green pig one for me and she needs to pick a color. 

Can you imagine us at a party dressed like Angry Birds?  I think it would definitely be a hit!


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Room Ideas – What Do You Think?


PLOL (Pig laughing out loud)

Personally, I think this is a cute idea for my bedroom. Dad loves to play Angry Birds… there’s a pig in it… it’s colorful. It would look absolutely fantastic on my wall. I think it kind of ‘fits’ me, if you know what I mean.

What do you think? Yes or no for the wallpaper?

Then, mom has been thinking about painting a ‘chalkboard’ on one of my walls – you know a little spot that I can play in. She thought about calling my room “Sweet and Sour Pork Pad” or “Pig Parlor”. Thoughts on this? Suggestions?


Another thought is something like this. I kind of like Peppa Pig. It would accommodate all my stuff in my room. It’s kind of little kiddish though. I kind of want something I can grow into as I mature. I’m not always going to be a teenage piggy, right?

Dad thought it would be neat to do my room in movie posters – that way I could be a big boy and not a momma’s boy (sshh – don’t tell mommy he said that – snort). He came up with the following posters to hang in my room. Some of them might take a lot of convincing on mom’s part. What do you think? Do you see the pattern here? Snort!


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The Birds – Evil Snort

Mom told me about this movie yesterday.  She said that it was made by a wonderful guy named Alfred Hitchcock in 1963, way beyond mom’s time but she says it’s awesome.  It’s a suspense/horror movie with lots of birds… lots of mean birds.

I’m going to look it up on Netflix to see if I can put it in my movie que to watch one night.  Mom’s says that I might not want to watch it all by myself in my room.  Maybe I can persuade the purr things to come in for a sleep over and movie night.  You know, extend a hoove. Mom would enjoy that.

I know ya’ll, my faithful readers, are not buying the extending of the hoove are you?  You know I just want to scare Mouse Girl in the horror movie – snort LOL.  Ok, I’ll be good.


It’s funny how mom said something about this movie.  I found a hilarious funny picture that had birds in it too.  Dad is always playing Angry Birds on his iPad.  I think it’s hilarious.  Me and mom know the theme music and sound effects by heart now.  So, enjoy this funny picture.  I know I laughed so hard about it.

I love all of those “Angry Birds” sitting around Mr. Hitchcock.  I admit, I didn’t know who the man was but I did recognize the birds.  Mom had to explain the birds to me.

It’s awfully funny though!


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Eatable Art

It simply amazes me that the talent some people have in being creative.  I am always looking out for things that mom can recreate at the house, for work or soon to be at Christmas get togethers.  And you know it’s all about the pig 🙂 


Oranges are in abundant throughout the holidays, often showing up in fruit baskets.  This is something that looks kind of easy to fix.  Cloves for eyes – I think mom can do this simple enough.  Wouldn’t it be cute showing up on the dinner table at Christmas at different places?  And, the way that the orange is tuffed up for the ears, the smell would be awesome between that and the cloves.  Decorative and smelly!



Mom is still practicing with her bread making skills as well.  I personally think that pig shaped bread served at Thanksgiving dinner like the one shown in this picture would be awesome.  Conversation would sure come back to me with this temptation.  You think?



And can you imagine finger sandwiches served like pigs?  Of course, with a side of fresh fruit.  I think it would be pigawesome!  Mommy would be sure to laugh if daddy fixed her a lunch box like this.  Can you imagine the look on her face when she opened her lunch box?  She would have to laugh.



And no, I couldn’t forget about dad.  I found something that he would equally enjoy.  It has some of his favorites – Angry Birds, sweets and a pig. Snort LOL

I’m not sure what would be better, eating the cupcakes or taking out the Angry Birds?

Any of these delights make you want to try them? 


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This Ones For Dad


My dad is forever playing the game Angry Birds.  He has so many different ones on his iPad.  He plays this game nightly.  I think mom has the theme forever burned in her mind – LOL

Last night when I was hanging out in my room watching the History Channel, I was also surfing the net.  I was watching a special on Stone Henge and thought I would do some research.  I came across this funny with Angry Birds.  I started laughing.  In fact, I was laughing so hard that mommy had to come check on me.  Of course, she saw it and started laughing as well.  Then dad walked in and we both got quiet.  Poor dad.  It reminded me of the latest Cheetos commercial.  So funny!



Then I was further playing around on the net and I came across these eggs.  How genius!  Someone actually boiled eggs and then painted them to look like Angry Birds.  I told mom that she *has* to do this with daddy.  Can you imagine what he would say?  It would be a hoot! 

Or for that matter, can you imagine fixing a bunch of these up for the yearly Easter egg hunt?  I bet kids would love it.  Do you have a favorite from the Angry Birds?  Of course, mine has to be the pig. 🙂



And this one for dad is the best.  We’ve all been pondering how to do the pumpkin this year.  It would be cute if mom did one like this in honor of dad.  It wouldn’t take much to put it together and it would be fun.  … I wonder if she would let me toss it afterwards?

Have fun!!  XOXO Bacon

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