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Gator Boys – Piggy Shivers


Mom and dad have been watching this show called Gator Boys on the Animal Planet channel on television. I have to admit I was kind of timid in watching this show at first. Those are some big gators! They look so scary. But, the show has grown on me. Now, I’ve gotten to know the guys on the show a little bit better and I’m not so scared hesistant to watch at all.

The show usually takes place at the Everglades Holiday Park in Florida with Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle. Florida is their first love and they perform alligator wrestling shows, airboat excursions and catch nuisance gators in the area. If you are ever in the area, I’m sure their show would be awesome to see first hand! (21940 Griffin Road, Ft Laurderdale, Florida.) I think mom and dad actually want to go see them now in person. I hear a field trip coming up!

This season that have relocated to Mississippi to actually work at the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch to help find and save the alligators that were misplaced by Hurricane Katrina. That’s right, they’re actually going to get paid to do what they love so much – isn’t that awesome! Hopefully it’s just a temporary move while work is being done in Florida.

These two guys are amazing!

They catch gators with their bare hands. Paul Bedard will actually go into the water to swim around looking for the alligators while Jimmy Riffle pulls the gators out of the water. They tag team in getting the gator on land The two of them then ‘tire out the alligator’ by making it flip around before putting it in the back of their truck.

If that’s not enough excitement for you – read this! Paul Bedard will kiss the gator’s snout and Jimmy Riffle opens the gators mouth and puts his chin on his snout. WHAT?! I know – I was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs the first time I saw this. But now, I’m just in awe.


Heck, if you two ever want to wrestle cute ole me, I’m game. You don’t have to tape my snout up or anything. I won’t bite. And heck, Jimmy you don’t have pull my tail to get me out of the water. I’ll let Paul even kiss my snout.

Love you guys!!


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