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Today my friends, mom would like to speak with you about something that she has been thinking about a lot lately – take it away mom –

Thanks my Bacon.   Today let’s talk about when.  When what you ask?  When did we become old – LOL.  I mean really, this aging thing has like sneaked up on me and screamed BOO in the mirror like overnight.  And I’m ALL for aging gracefully.  It’s just when the heck did this happen?  So my friends, I’m going to share some things about aging.  Please join right in and share some of your thoughts with me.


Going into a room and forgetting what the heck am I here for?  This can include going to the bathroom to use the facilities and forgetting why I’m there.

Not writing things down because you know you will remember and then not remembering what you were suppose to remember.

Putting things in a good spot so you don’t lose them and then forgetting where that nice safe spot so happens to be.

Actually taking the time to write a letter.  Mailing the letter and forgetting to put the letter in the envelope.

Going to bed at 8:30pm is now considered late getting to bed.

Making dinner sometimes consists of a bowl of cereal – who needs to put out extra calories just to make a meal these days?

Snap, cracking and popping more than Rice Krispies.

Not driving at night because it’s hard to see.  Heck sometimes it’s hard to see during the day time.

And when did eating dinner after 4pm start happening?  Anything later than that and your tummy will ache when you are trying to sleep.

Ordering off the senior menu… ’nuff said.


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Growing Up

Well on this National Pig Day I must reflect. I’m 6 months old now.

I’ve experienced my first fall and my first winter. I’ve grown from a mere 1 pound to now 26 pounds. I’ve grown closer to my mom. I know when she is playing and I know when she means business according to the tone of her voice.

In fact, today I begged dad to call her at work. You ask how I did this? In the past, I’ve seen dad use his portable phone to call mom. So today, I kept nudging the phone towards him. After some persuasion, he finally caught on. 🙂 he called mom and let me talk to her. She talked to me and I oinked at her. She had me on speaker phone so other people in the office could hear us. It was fun.

I’ve learned tricks… Sit, roll over, go to bed and go to your room. Heck, sometimes when I get sent to my room for time out I’ve been know to slam my door LOL

Which all of this brings me to the question. Do all other little pigs have it made like me? I mean I have room service. I have turn down service at now when I get tucked into bed. I have my own room. I have my own television with cable. My meals are prepared for me. I get a piggy massage every day.

At 6 months:

At 3 weeks:

<br />20120301-220322.jpg

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