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Domestic Violence – A Word from Mom

Sometimes you hear about something on the news that totally blows your mind away.  Some of you may know, we watch a lot of paranormal shows here at the Hotel Thompson.  That’s something that intrigues us.  In watching these shows, you get to know some of the people that you see.  And with social media the way it is these days, you even get to chat with these people from time to time.  You may not have met in real life but like people here on the blog or on Facebook, you become friends.

Mom spoke to one of these friends a couple of weeks ago when she posted that she and her husband were separating.  Of course, we never know the circumstances from any marriage, behind any closed door or what takes place between a couple.  You don’t throw judgement, you support the decision and try to help.

Yesterday morning, the estranged husband kidnapped his wife and held her hostage in Nevada.  There was a police stand off and SWAT was called to the scene.  The husband not only ended up killing his wife and himself, there was also a third person whose name has not been released yet.

This situation has just touched my heart so hard and I had difficulty sleeping last night from thinking about it all.  After doing some research on line, I saw that there was some difficulties in the relationship since earlier this year and one or the other was charged with domestic violence on two different situations.  It still doesn’t make sense why it needed to come to this.  What did it solve?  You have the family and the public/fans of the couple just questioning why?  It makes sense if you are having difficulty in a relationship to move on and give each other some breathing room.  Why did it have to escalate not to 1 but 3 deaths is just unimaginable.

Friends and visitors to my blog, if you are in a relationship with domestic violence, please get help.  Don’t stay.  Don’t be a statistic.  Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline.  I know that’s easier said than done.  And I know that none of us know the exact circumstances to this case and that there are always two sides to every story.  But please get and be safe.  Life is too short and precious.





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Dear Bacon


 Dear Bacon – Practice this look my friend.  This is the look that will get you everything and anything from your humans.  One wink and they melt.  Use this advice with caution though.  If you wink, your humans may get all goo-goo, pick you up and kiss you all over.  Signed Winks

Dear Winks – What an awesome gift buddy.  I’ll have to practice this in my bedroom in the mirror to get it down pact.  I can’t wait to try it out on my mom and Nana.  Happy winking!


Dear Bacon – The proof is in the picture.  This is me helping out Santa last year.  You see Santa has all of the humans to deliver presents too and he needs help.  Me and about 500 of my friends help Santa out with the Christmas deliveries to anipals.  They believe too. Of course some of them get on the naughty list more so than humans – ha!  So keep on believing my oinker friend.  Signed Santa’s Helpers

Dear Santa Helpers – I do BELIEVE my friends.  I’ve heard Santa on my roof.  I’ve heard his boot steps in the living room.  AND I’ve seen Santa kissing my mommy last year at our Christmas Mickey Mouse pole lamp.  He is real!  And us anipals here at the Hotel Thompson really, REALLY try to stay on the good list.  Nobody wants coal in their stockings on Christmas morning.  Nope.  Not here.  Carry on with your awesome job my friends!

20130725-001540.jpgDear Bacon – Stop everything.  I gotta know.  What does a squirrel have to do to get a gig like that Journalist Rocky the Squirrel that lives in your backyard.  Dude, he has it made from what I can read.  He lives rent free at your Hotel.  Ya’ll give him nuts throughout the year.  He’s off limits for the dogs in the hood.  AND he gets to write on your blog.  What do I have to do for that position?  Signed Job in Need

Dear Job in Need – Journalist Rocky the Squirrel is a very special squirrel with talents.  He has an awesome resume and has worked all over the south.  Rocky also knows  several different languages from chitter-chatter to English to pig Latin and he also speaks Squatch.  Squatch comes in handy when our local Bigfoot comes out to play.  Send us your resume and we will pass it along to Rocky.  Perhaps he can forward somewhere for you. 🙂


Dear Bacon – This is a new campaign I’m putting out there. “Paws out to Animal Abuse”.  We all have to make a stand.  Animals are meant for loving not harming.  Can you help me pass the word my friend?  Signed Just Say NO to Abuse

Dear Just Say NO to Abuse – I’m all in with four hooves my friend.  I’ll even throw in my part and say, “Hooves out to Animal Abuse”.  Animals have feelings and should never be harmed.  It makes my mohawk stand up straight on edge when I hear stories of my fellow anipals in harm.  We have nothing but love to give to humans and in turn that’s all we want from them.  Great cause my friend – stand strong!

REMEMBER my friends – Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please remember to send me your pictures and letters – thanks!







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Shakes Piggy Head

Oh my friends.  My daddy is at it again.  Please help me.  I think this is border line anipal abuse now having to watch his antics.  What do you think?


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