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Awards –

Oh my – oh my – I feel like I’m on the red carpet this morning and my name got called.  Ajaytao at sent me a message this morning that he nominated me for some awards and that I could pick 2 out of the 13.  Thud – that’s what this little oinker thought – How very thoughtful.  AND, he said I didn’t have to do any linkbacks.  Happy piggy dance – happy piggy dance.

I know – I know.  That’s breaking all of the rules but aren’t rules suppose to be broken? PLOL (Pig Laughing out Loud).  So I’m picking two to post.  It seems kind of like I’m patting myself on the back with picking my own 😦  I hope that doesn’t look like the way it feels my friends.  I’m very appreciative over any award or acknowledgement.  If I’ve made you laugh – that’s my award in itself.

If any of you my friends out there have not received these awards, please feel free to know that now you have 🙂  All from your little piglet friend with hooves.  Much love!


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