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8 Pictures of Happiness

Oh my friends – I have been so inspired by everyone posting their 8 Pictures of Happiness.  I thought I would *finally* join the bandwagon and share my 8 Pictures of Happiness.  I hope you enjoy them my friends 

1st Picture of Happiness

The purr things here at the Hotel Thompson.  Surprises you huh?  Well they do bring me happiness because we are all family, right?  And you gotta admit that this picture would make you smile and happy.  You see, those two purr things can be called more spoiled than this oinker.  Why do you ask?  Well look at them. They don’t thing they can drink from a regular bowl. Oh no, they have to partake at the fountain that mom likes to call the bathroom sink – snorts!

2nd Picture of Happiness

My mom/dad on the day they got married and was cutting their wedding cake.  Of all of the pictures from their special day, this is the one that I absolutely LOVE.  Aren’t they cute?  They had a beach themed wedding.  Their wedding cake was three tiered heart shaped with chocolate Godiva seashells all around the cake.  There was even ‘sand’ around the bottom in the form of brown sugar.  Dad says it was good that day and even a year later when they brought the top tier out of the freezer on their first anniversary 🙂

3rd Picture of Happiness –

This is the first day that I came home to the Hotel Thompson.  Me and mom’s first picture together.  I was three weeks old and weighed only ONE pound.  See my cute little snout?  When mom and dad first picked me up, believe it or not but mom had not seen me in person and had never held a piglet.  After my surrogate mom passed me to my mom, I crawled up to her neck, smelled it and went immediately to sleep.  My surrogate mom said that was a great sign.  I love laying on mom’s shoulders and smelling her neck.  You’ll see me do a lot of that in pictures,.Don’t you just recognize and love the smell of your human?  I can’t get enough!

4th Picture of Happiness

This is the very first picture that mommy ever saw of me that made her fall in love with me.  This was taken about a week after I was born on the farm with my real mom, Bertha, and my real dad, Champ.  My surrogate emailed it to mom and mom said it tugged at heart like no other.  Every since then, I’ve had mom wrapped around my little hooves.  What do you think?  Would you have fallen in love with me in this picture ❤

5th Picture of Happiness

Okay this picture is one of my mom’s all time favorites of me – me in the bathtub for bath time. Contrary to popular belief, piggies are actually very clean animals.  I don’t stink…partially because I don’t sweat – snorts.  Mommy does put her foot down though and makes me take a bath at least once a month.   She says to make me smell like a little powdered baby.  But I let her cause she likes those times.  In this picture, I was stomping around the tub and blowing bubbles in the water.  It was pretty fun.  Mom thought she was going to take some pictures and videos.  In the video, right towards the end I had enough.  That’s when I learned how to fly.  I jumped out of the tub.  Poor mommy, she didn’t know whether to drop her cell phone or catch me.  Hilarious keeping her on her toes.

6th Picture of Happiness

Me and my mom.  There is no place that I would rather be than in the arms of my mommy.  They are safe arms.  They are loving arms.  They make me feel protected and I love them.  In this picture, notice my face.  Daddy was trying to make me get down.  I don’t know why it was bothering him.  Me and mom were just fine and happy as could be.  It’s okay.  Daddy finally backed down and left us alone.  See, I can be as stubborn as… as… well as a pig.  There you go.  Snorts.

7th Picture of Happiness

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of moi.  I took it from the camera on my laptop.  It’s also here on my blog as my picture.  I was sitting there pounding on the keyboard and I took it.  It came out fabulous and I love it.  What do you think?  Do you like it too as one of your favorites?

8th Picture of Happiness

Another one of my piglet baby pictures – mommy holding me.  See, I was terribly small when I came to live with mom/dad here at the Hotel Thompson.  I was the runt of my litter and they didn’t think I was going to make it.  But look at me now – I made it!  Daddy says that for the first six months of my life, he didn’t know that I could even walk because mommy carried me everywhere.  Silly daddy.  Of course I had legs.  If I didn’t, I would be called ham – right?  Snorts with piggy laughter.

So there you are.  My eight pictures of happiness.  I hope you enjoyed them as well my friends.  ❤

Oh and squeals… maybe I should make this NINE pictures of happiness.  I almost forget about someone that I need to add.  Someone that does bring me happiness – especially when he’s not swinging from my piggy tail.  You guess it… Houdini.  He does bring a smile to my piggy face.  He’s so full of energy!  So here you go – 9th Picture of Happiness


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