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Travels in the South

Sometimes daddy’s midnight munchie monsters awakens him and he *needs* to be fed.  This is one of those nights.  Daddy woke up mommy to go in search for food… of course that meant a midnight run to the nearest Waffle House – snorts with piggy laughter.

When they got to the Waffle House, mom told daddy about a new menu item called the Hashbrown Bowl.  You could see the grin on dad’s face when he said, “Yes please”.  So that’s what daddy got for his midnight munchie monster.  Let me introduce you to the ingredients of the bowl:

Hashbrowns – requested well done crispy please.  They were then topped off with a slice of American cheese and scrambled eggs.  That was followed by chopped up sausage (which mom explained comes from a different kind of pig – snorts with piggy laughter).  Then the bowl is presented to you – let the eating begin.

So the next time your midnight munchie monster hits, run for the Waffle House who is always open.


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