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Silent Sunday

IMG_0068.JPGLet’s stop time while we can this year so it doesn’t fly by like 2014 ūüôā


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Contest Time! – REMINDER

C O N T E S T     T I M E 

Don’t forget about our contest my friends.¬†YAY!

Shake your tail feathers. ¬†Do a little dance. ¬†Have some fun – it’s contest time! ¬†It’s so exciting. ¬†We’ve been thinking about a contest here at the Hotel Thompson and I think we have a winner!

Every year at the Hotel Thompson the day after Thanksgiving our friend Don Juan comes out to play. ¬†You remember Don Juan don’t you? ¬†He’s our special little Elf on a Shelf that is *always* up to no good in so many different ways. ¬† If you forgot about Don Juan, you can read about that little fellow here¬†. ¬†And we all have to remember when Don Juan filled in for me on a special Dear Bacon edition. ¬†Oh dear piggy heavens. ¬† Thank goodness he only sneaks out once a year.

I think we ALL remember this little surprise he left mommy last year under the Christmas tree.  Rolls piggy eyes.  He was bad.  I mean really bad.  He even liked to sneak in the bathroom and watch mommy take a shower.  He would throw skittles at her.  Unreal that fellow.

This year we thought we would share the fun. ¬†That’s it. ¬†Share the fun. ¬†You can have your very own Evil Little Elf on a Shelf. ¬†A friend of Don Juan has come to visit us here early. ¬†He’s still boxed up because you know those elves don’t have secret powers until the day after Thanksgiving.

Here are the rules for the contest: 

  1. Send me an email at why you think you should adopt the boxed up Elf on the Shelf.  Explain what makes your family special and what you have to give.  Words, pictures or videos.  Whatever you think will give you the edge.

  2. We are taking submissions until August 30th, 2014 at midnight.

  3. We will randomly pick the top three submissions and post them for everyone to vote on in September.

  4. The winner gets their very own boxed up Elf on the Shelf. ¬†Now remember, this is a friend of our Don Juan. ¬†Who knows if he is evil or good. ¬†That’s between the winner and the boxed up Elf on the Shelf.

So put on your thinking hats my friends and get started with the emails.  It should be a blast!

¬†P.S. ¬†Here’s a heads up sneak preview of the captured Elf. ¬†He doesn’t look that evil – or does he?




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Dearest Daddy

 Dearest Daddy,

You think you are going to win the battle over the pool. ¬†But I have news for you. ¬†I don’t give up. ¬†And I have a secret weapon – MOM. ¬†Yep, I pulled that card. ¬†You wanted specifics of said piggy pool – fine. ¬†I’ve done some research for you. ¬†I’ve come up with two examples of what would be piggy approved for my magical backyard. ¬†You did say you wanted specifics right? ¬†I mean if I need to, I can refresh your memory with exhibit 1 in this post. ¬†You said quote, “Daddy said that I didn‚Äôt give him any specifics of what said pool could contain”. ¬†Okay Einstein, here you go. ¬†Here are two recommendations of said pools for your consultation. ¬†

Sample 1 – Dog house pool. ¬†Notice the hydrant with the bone shaped pool. ¬†Neat. ¬†I could go for that. ¬†But, also notice that said pool is attached to a ‘dog house’. ¬†Cute. ¬†I could go for a pig house. ¬†I mean hey, why do things half crapped, right? ¬†You want to send me to college one day – Go Razorbacks – and have me move out. ¬†Why not just build me my own pad in my magical backyard. ¬†I’ll keep the parties down to a minimum.




Sample 2 – ¬†If you decide to go cough snort oink – cheap, here is another sample of goodness. ¬†This one requires less work on your behalf… maybe just a couple of hours, less than a weekend according to how you move. ¬†See the fun in this picture – minus said dogs. ¬†It’s in the shade, it looks like it’s ‘made’ to be there and it’s unique – like me. ¬†

20140710-082838-30518281.jpg .

There you go sweet daddy of mine. ¬†Choices with specifications. ¬†Simple as that. ¬†All you have to do is pick one and go for it. ¬†But let me add, Summer is ticking away. ¬†I do want this Summer of 2014 ūüôā ¬†Just thought I would throw that out to you… I know how you are on specifics. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Signed, You’re loving Piggy Son



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Bacon’s Tales of Terror

Today, we have a really special tribute.  Today is Friday the 13th Рcue scary music!  Do you know that there is only ONE Friday the 13th in the entire 2014 calendar year?  That makes this day extra spooky and scary.

Do you have a fear of this day?  Are you superstitious?  Here in the United States it is thought that bad luck falls upon you on Friday the 13th.  But did you know that in Spanish speaking countries, Tuesday the 13th is a superstitious day for them and considered bad luck.   

Many hotels and tall buildings even skip the 13th floor… just in case of bad luck. ¬†It’s also bad luck to have a party with 13 people… have you read¬†Agatha Christie’s book¬†Thirteen at Dinner?

Did you know that fear of the number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia while fear of Friday the 13th is known as paraskavedekatriaphobia.

Did you know that President Franklin D. Roosevelt suffered from triskaidekaphobia? ¬†He wouldn’t travel on the 13th day of any month and don’t even think about having a party with 13 guests.

Some people even think that Friday the 13th goes back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Supposedly they think that Eve offered Adam the forbidden fruit on a Friday and they were then cast out of Paradise.

And think about the movie marathon we are going to have tonight here at the Hotel Thompson.  Not listed in any particular order but you know we are going to be watching some gory horror flicks to include:  Nightmare on Elm Street, Paranormal Activity,  Saw, Psycho, The Shining , It and of course Friday the 13th.

I’m off now. I’ve got to go cross my hooves. ¬†Avoid some black cats. ¬†Not look at the moon through a pane of glass and throw some salt over each shoulder. ¬†Be careful my friends ūüôā




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Favorite Super Bowl 2014 Commercial

Before we go ahead with *the* Super Bowl, let’s talk about the Puppy Bowl. ¬†What a game! ¬†Awesome half time with Keyboard Kitty. ¬†Awesome penguin cheerleaders. ¬†BOTH teams came to play – snorts – unlike *the* Super Bowl. ¬†And I loved the part where it showed the forever homes for the previous game players. ¬†Excellent Puppy Bowl X.

Now about the Super Bowl. ¬†The Super Bowl last night was the Seahawks vs Broncos. ¬†Let’s not talk about the game. ¬†Puts my little piggy head down in disgust. ¬†I was rooting for the Broncos. ¬†It’s like they didn’t even show up!

Since the game was over before it started – snorts, I concentrated on the commercials and the half time show. ¬†Let’s talk about the half time show first. ¬†It rocked. ¬†I love me some Bruno Mars. ¬†The Red Hot Chili Peppers not so much. ¬†Maybe it was the one song they played – shrugs pig shoulders – not sure. ¬†But Bruno kicked it – literally. ¬†That guy has some foot movement! ¬†It was great – probably one of the best I’ve seen in my 2.5 years – snorts.

Now, the commercials.  There were lots of commercials to review.  Some I absolutely loved and some I hated with a piggy passion.  My top were (in no particular order):

Ellen Degeneres playing Little Red Riding Hood.  Did you see the piggies in the commercial? Squeal!  You just know when she gets to condo with the bears they are going to huff and puff and blow her down Рoops wrong Fairy Tale Рsnorts.

Then Pappa Bear says, “Play it” and they all break out dancing. ¬†That was a hoot. ¬†We all laughed at this one at the Hotel Thompson.


Then there was the Audi commercial about ‘no compromises’ where two people are at the adoption agency. One wants a Doberman and the other wants a Chihuahua thus they compromise on a mixture of the two. ¬†Thus you get the Doberhuaha.

I have to admit that we laughed at the Doberhuaha.  It reminded me of Scrappy from Scooby Doo.  You see it now?  Snorts.


The VW commercial. ¬†OMP (oh my pig). ¬†Snorts. ¬†It’s hard for me to even type this because I’m snorting so hard. ¬†VW turns 100,000 miles and when it does the people that make the cars get their ‘wings’. ¬†That’s what the dad tells his daughter in the car. ¬†The daughter is like yeah right and says, “And I guess at 200,000 miles they fart the rainbow?” ¬†AND it starts to show them farting rainbows. ¬†Okay maybe I don’t have it verbatim but it was hilarious! ¬†I looked at daddy and said, “How much mileage you got old man?” ¬†Snorts


My favorite commercial the entire night at the Hotel Thompson was for the new Butterfinger Peanut Butter cups Рwhich might I add are AWESOME!  Peanut butter and Chocolate are in therapy and Butterfinger shows up to the couch.

This commercial is freaking hilarious. ¬†You have to watch it – it’s so funny. ¬†And the new Butterfinger Peanut Butter cups – thud – mom/dad down. ¬†They tried one and they LOVE IT. ¬†Mom gave me a small taste and I do mean small. ¬†It’s like a peanut butter cup BUT the filling is butterfinger. ¬†It’s the perfect combination.

So what was your favorite commercial from last night?  Thoughts on those or the game of the Puppy Bowl?


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