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Blast from the Past

This is another blast from mom’s past – the Waterful Ring Toss game.  It had hours and hours of fun play time that mommy had with this toy!  These toys came out in the 1970’s and were a hit.  They were hours of entertainment to get all of the rings on the two sticks in the water.  You pushed the white button on the front to control the water pressure to get the rings up in the air.  It took some maneuvering – that’s for sure!

Dad had some of these games too but again… where are they now?  He probably got tired of trying and tossed the entire game – Snorts.  They also came in different colors, different events of ring toss and different sizes.

I looked this item up on ebay and they were around the $40-$50 range.  Can you believe that?!

Did you have any of these great little toys?


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