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Rocky’s Nut Brunch

Have you ever heard of Robert “Bob” Geary?  Chances are, you haven’t.  Geary was a police officer in San Francisco, California in the 80’s/90’s.  In the early 90’s, he was assigned to North Beach where officers were meant to be highly visible and to come up with creative ways to earn the trust of the citizens living in the area.  Geary had a master’s degree in education and and undergraduate degree in art.  He thought hard about how he could perform his job and have fun.  He decided he would buy an expensive wooden dummy and teach himself by audiotape of how to use the dummy in his job.

He chose the name of his dummy as Officer Brendan O’Smarty.  Kind of a play on words with O’Smarty being a dummy and Brendan as a first name to give him a little dignity.  Geary even went a little further with O’Smarty by dressing him up in a patrol uniform with a hat and water pistol.  And don’t worry, O’Smarty had a badge number too – it  was 1/2 – LOL

In 1993, the entire city of San Francisco voted about whether a police officer was allowed to carry a ventriloquist’s dummy called Brendan O’Smarty while on patrol. He was voted in by a narrow percentage of 51% for and 49% against.   Geary and O’Smarty protected the streets of San Francisco all the way up until his retirement in 1998.


Information/Picture off of Getty Images and Wikipedia


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Rocky’s Nut Brunch

Have you ever  had a Pringles?  You know the potato chip that is curved that fit so snugly in a tall skinny can?  They are highly addictive and you can’t just eat one.  Sometimes if you are lucky, all of the Pringles are whole and there are no crumbs in the bottom of the can, unlike when you get a bag of chips.

Fredric J Baur was a chemist and food storage tech that worked for Proctor & Gamble.  In 1966, Baur came up with the idea of a tubular container for these awesome chips called Pringles.  He filed for the patent and was granted the patent in 1970.  The rest you can say is history.

But here’s a tidbit of information that will blow your mind.  Baur retired from Proctor and Gamble in the early 1980’s.  He died May 4, 2008 of Alzheimer’s.  Baur had told his family that when he died, he wanted to be buried in a can of Pringles.  So on the way to the funeral home upon his death, his family stopped at a local Walgreens and bought an iconic can or Pringles.  Bauers remains upon his creation were then split between a Pringles can, in an urn placed with the Pringles can and another urn that was given to his grandson.


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Rocky’s Nut Brunch

Hello dear friends – it’s me Rocky the Squirrel in my very first Rocky’s Nut Brunch.  I will be posting on Sundays for your amusement.  Sometimes it will be fun filled facts of information while others it will be bits of knowledge that will blow your mind.  I hope that you enjoy this new series.

Today I want to talk about Cap’n Crunch.  Did you eat that cereal growing up… or still do now as an adult?  Did you know that Cap’n Crunch’s full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch.  And his ship was called S.S. Guppy.

Blow someone’s mind the next time you bring up this information.  But I have to ask too…. after all of these years why is he still a Captain?


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Shopping with Mom/Dad



It is not safe letting my mom/dad out by themselves.  Shaking my piggy head – it really isn’t.  Mom/dad decided to go to the local pet store to look around to see what was new.  Mom found the biggest pile of poo she has ever seen.  I mean what left this?  Bigfoot?  She was telling daddy about it and they were snickering like two teenagers while people were passing them by and looking at them like they were crazy.  Houdini was in the buggy and just rolled his eyes, he was so embarrassed.  He wanted to tell people passing them that there was nothing to see there… it was just typical behavior of mom/dad.  Can you see how big this poo pile is?  What would you think if you saw something like this in real life?  OMP – I can’t breathe right now.  Go my friends.  I’m listening.  What would you think?


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