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Travels in the South

Living in the south, there are lots of comfort foods. But sometimes on a cold and rainy day, you want something that soothes your soul. Mom’s choice for that is grits with cheddar cheese and crumbled up turkey sausage. It’s hot, gooey and delicious. I hear your naysayers turning your nose up at grits. But let me tell you something. When done right like this, grits can be delicious! ūüėč


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Adventures with Mom/Dad

Let me just start this by saying – snorts with piggy laughter. ¬†You *never* know what I will find on mom’s i-Phone when she is not looking. ¬†Sometimes it’s things that even I can’t believe that my humans do in public in front of other people. ¬†I just don’t get it – shaking my piggy head and oinking.

Last night mom came home from work and went to bed kind of early. ¬†She just wasn’t ‘feeling it’ she said. ¬†What it was I don’t know but from the way she was looking I don’t want to feel it either. ¬†Do you know what ‘it’ is? ¬†Do share.

So while mom went to bed, she left her cell on the sofa. ¬†I crawled up beside daddy and checked it out. ¬†That’s when I found this video that mom/dad took over the weekend while shopping. ¬†Oh dear – please don’t lock my humans up for their strangeness. ¬†Let me know your thoughts my friends. ¬†Is it time to buy those fancy white jackets that tie in the back for both of them yet?


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