Daily Archives: 04/06/2018

Paw Time with Houdini

Can you say this is the look of someone who got busted?  Barks with puppy laughter.  Mom said I got quiet and she said a quiet anipal is an anipal getting into trouble.  I don’t know why she would say that about me.  I mean heck we could all understand it if she was talking about that Hemi.  Hemi – now that’s trouble.

But I got quiet.  I took my Easter chick and I went to the most comfortable space in the entire Hotel Thompson – mom/dad’s bedroom.  I moved the comfortable and dug down to the sheets because they are soft on my belly.  I then started a one on one interrogation of Mr. Chick.  He wasn’t speaking at first but then he started spilling information with quacking sounds – I guess you could say he sung like a bird.

And that’s how mom found us.  All comfortable having a nice chat on the comfy bed.  Okay… I might have slept a bit too here/there.  That accounts for the bed head.  But hey, when you’re tired – you are just tired, right?


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