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Happy Easter

The big egg hunt is today!

I’m so excited – squeals with piggy excitement.  I’ve waited all year for this big egg hunt – Easter.  Our neighborhood has the biggest hunter every year.  All of the neighbors meet up in the church pasture for the neighborhood egg hunt.  Everyone is invited – kids, adults and anipals.  Every family brings 12 eggs filled with everything imaginable.   There are three categories – children, human and anipals.  The church yard is roped off with the categories and once the hunt begins – it’s on like Donkey Kong!

You have never seen so much fun looking for eggs in a huge field.  Everyone is running here/there all over, laughing, snorting, falling down and playing.  It’s definitely the highlight of the year.  And mom fixed her eggs for the adult category.  She also fixed a few for the anipals – everyone always brings extra eggs hidden with all kinds of goodies.

By the time the egg hunt was done, I don’t think there was that many sober adults.  Lots of those adults even tried to ride me.  What do I look like a show pony?  I was snorting at everyone.  That is until I found the ‘special’ egg.  What was the ‘special egg’?


This egg had money!  I found it in the adult field and took off running with it in my mouth.  I think I’m now on the most wanted list in the neighborhood.  Can someone hide me for a bit?









April Fool’s Day!


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Rocky’s Nut Brunch

Today let’s talk about something we have heard of – The RMS Titanic.  Such a remarkable ship for its time that had such a tragic ending.  We know the basics the the Titanic:  a British passenger ship that collided with an iceberg on April 15, 1912 on its maiden voyage.  This huge ship could accommodate over 2,453 passengers at one time and had 885 crew members which for the time period was amazing to say the least.  However, due to a coal strike causing many crossings to be cancelled, the maiden voyage had only 1,317 passengers with the crew members.  Out of 2,202 people on board the Titanic, only 710 people survived the aftermath of the sinking.  That’s almost 1,500 people passing at one time – can you believe that?!

But here is something for you to think about.  The Titanic sunk in 1912.

In 1898 – way before the time of the Titanic – author Morgan Robertson wrote a book called Titan or in some places you will call it Futility.  There are so many similarities between the two:

→ Both described as unsinkable.  Both had a shortage of lifeboats.  Both struck an iceberg.  Both when down in the month of April.  The majority of both of the passengers/crew members died.

So there you go – what are the odds?  Did Robertson glance into the future?  Or was a dream of something to take place?  You decide.


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