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Travels in the South

Last November, mom/dad traveled to Chicago, Illinois.  Or should I say, mom planned a trip and told dad absolutely nothing about it until the car came and picked them up at the Hotel Thompson the morning of departure.  Mom had already packed everything for their adventure.  Why Chicago?  Well first up, my Aunt Tina lives there with my cousin Sherlock Bones.  Second up, daddy has *always* wanted to go to Ditka’s Chicago.  Are you asking yourself what is that?  Well Mike Ditka is a former football player, was an awesome coach and a television commentator.  He coached the Chicago Bears back in the day which was one of dad’s favorite teams.

In the next couple of weeks, we will be highlighting some of the food that everyone enjoyed during their trip to Ditka’s Chicago.

Doesn’t this look amazing?!  It’s on the menu under shareable sides called King Crab Risotto.  It looks mouth watering and out of this world!  The risotto was creamy and the crab meat sweet and tender.  We all got some of this delicacy.  Mine was great.  However, my hub unit’s first mouthful was full of shell.  WTH?!  It would be the blind guy getting shell.  So we thought it was just a chance thing.  That’s when all of us starting getting shells in every bite.  We had a collection of shells by the time the waitress came by to check on us.  The waitress was concerned and brought the manager over to talk to us – we didn’t ask for him.  This is when you can tell the difference in an upscale restaurant.  He immediately was taken back by the amount of shell’s in our King Crab Risotto.  Yes, there might be an occasional shell due to the amount they are putting out but *never* something like this.  He was very apologetic.  Would we get it again?  Absolutely!  Never make a judgement on the first time – we will definitely try it again.  Stay with us next week to see what else we ordered here.


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PI Day

PLOL (piggy laughing out loud)  Talk about me a little oinker having a one track mind on food – snorts.  I knew if I mentioned PIE you would think eatable, wonderful crusted yummies.  You know like apple pie, rhubarb pie, cherry pie or banana cream pie – licks piggy lips.  Yummo!  But I digress.  This post is absolutely *not* about pie of that sort.  Shocker huh?  You think I’ve lost my little piggy mind – maybe I’ve finally went over the deep end – I’m full?  Nah, none of those things.  Snorts.

But this day is about pie.

You still think I’m off my rocker huh?  Let me explain.

Today’s date is 03.14.2018.  Now look closely at that date and tell me what you see.  Those that get it, smile and pat yourself on the back – way to go my friends!  Those that didn’t, look closer.

Let’s back track a little bit.  Math is our friend.  😉 winks  Look closer: 03.14.2018. Still nothing?

Maybe you need a visual.  Yeah.  Okay – here you go:

Therefore, today is PIE day – snorts.  A little math humor.  I can’t help it.  Math is a wonderful tool that mom and my Aunt Tina absolutely love.  So, don’t forget to tell people Happy PIE day and then blow their mind.


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