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25 Days of Christmas


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The Husband Kidnapping

Mom/dad do weird things.  It’s okay.  Mom says she does these things to keep their relationship new and alive.  I guess after almost 30 years, it works.  But mom did something really cool over the past couple of days.  I’m going to let her tell you.  Take it away mom!

Since Jim has been by my side every moment since my surgery taking care of me, I wanted to do something nice for him for Christmas.  My sister lives in Chicago and we’ve been wanting to visit.  It works out that there is also an awesome restaurant there that Jim has been dying to go and visit.  The restaurant is Mike Ditka’s restaurant… you know Coach Ditka that used to coach the Bears.  Jim thinks very highly of Coach Ditka.  Well me and my sister started planning a trip way before my surgery in order to surprise Jim with a great Christmas present.  Things were all scheduled in order and the plan was in place.  So let the lies begin… LOL

Tuesday I came home from work and told Jim that mom was lonely since she has been recovering from her illness and she wanted to borrow our anipals for a couple of days for extra snuggles and cuddles.  He took it hook, line and sinker.  Anipals delivered to Nanas – check off the list. 

Wednesday I came home and secretly packed without Jim hearing or knowing what I was doing.  I then told him the guys wouldn’t be in the office tomorrow (Thursday) therefore did he want to come in to work with me?  He 

grabbed the bait and said yes.  And he was happy about it.  Work plan in place – check that off the list. 

So we both get up early on Thursday morning and start to leave.  That’s when the car pulled up that I ordered to take us to the airport.  Jim didn’t know what was going on.  We get settled in the car and then I tell him, “Oh honey, did I mention we are going to Chicago today?”  For the first time in my life – the man was speechless!  Score for me! 

We get to the airport, check in and go through TSA check point.  That’s when the fun begins.  Of all of the people at the airport, guess who gets picked for a more extended search?  After I quit laughing my butt off, I then proceeded to take this picture.  It’s the only picture I could get.  I was laughing that hard!  And let me just say, this particular TSA agent was very thorough in his search.  I mean heck I can see it.  Older blind gentleman – yep sure he’s the one you need to check so extensively.  Rolling with laughter. 

But at last, we made it to the terminal with a little time to spare.  We boarded and come on peeps, who doesn’t need a drink after that pat down, right?  And yes, it was three days of what we call an eating extravaganza.  We will definitely be sharing pictures of the food in our weekly series Travels in the South  World in the next couple of weeks.  Be on the lookout for them.  And you know, no surprise is worth it unless you do a video.  So here you go – a video on the surprise.  Enjoy!





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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon,

Sometimes you find yourself between a rock and a hard place and sometimes it’s just between two trees.  It’s all about balance in collecting these nuts for the winter time.  You do anything like this?  Signed Limber

Dear Limber,

That is some balancing act my friend.  I’m amazed at your technique.  I once saw a human nephew do this between the door jams in my bedroom.  He climbed right up using his feet like you did.  Amazing… simply amazing.  I myself do not have this talent due to my ‘amazing’ pot belly – snorts.

Dear Bacon,

You know the old song, “Who let the dogs out? – bark bark” Well, we’re tired of it.  It’s not always all about the dogs.  It’s about other anipals too.  So me and Red are trying to start a new song, “Who let the pigs out – snort snort – Who let the cats out – meow meow”.  It’s kind of catchy.  What do you think?  Signed Red and Socks

Dear Red and Socks,

I’m all in!  I like it.  It’s very catchy.  I think I’ll start singing it now my friends – snort snort – meow meow.

Dear Bacon,

The humans don’t get it.  This is MY remote.  It’s my turn for the television show that we are going to watch.  Do you have to fight for control too?  Signed Scamp

Dear Scamp,

AAWW – you need your time with the Animal Planet too my friend!  We had a battle of the wills when mom/dad adopted me.  Hey, I have my own tastes in shows and they do too.  In order to keep peace at the Hotel Thompson, they set me up with my very own television and remote in my bedroom.  Hey – now I’m in heaven!… except when they put my remote on top shelf of the book case.  That’s just mean.  Maybe ask your humans for your own set up.  You never know until you ask.

Dear Bacon,

You ever have one of those days that the only thing possibly left to do is make a face?  I find that it relieves a lot of stress in my life.  If you haven’t tried it, do.  It may make a difference.  Let me know what you find out.  Signed Puss in Boots

Dear Puss in Boots,

I have to snort on that look on your face.  That is quite humorous.  Personally, I have not tried it although I have seen such looks on my mom’s face from time to time.  I think she may be a firm believer in your stress reducing technique.  I’m off to watch myself in the mirror now to see what I look like.  Thanks for the tip pal!

Dear Bacon,

Did you mention food?  Me and my bro’s are so there.  Just let us know when/where.  Signed Husky Gang

Dear Husky Gang,

Whoa – hold back my friends.  No mention of food here whatsoever.  Nothing to see.  I do enjoy your healthy appetite and thrust for life.  Ya’ll make such a cute picture together.  And from that picture, I pick up quickly that you are the leader of your gang – snorts.  Stay alert my friend.  You’ll be the first to know if food is on the table here at the Bacon Casa.


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