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Help Wanted – Are You Game?

Oh my friends.  Sometimes I’m just simply AMAZED at some of the things I find in newspapers and online on my laptop computer.  After reading some articles, some of the things I mutter are:  WOW, Really?  You’ve got to be kidding?  Can anyone be that touched?  You think I’m kidding don’t you?  Okay – read this article here that I found and see what you think then my friends.  Don’t say I didn’t tell you – snorts.


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Oh friends – it’s time to mark your calendars for Shopping Around the World for November. My brother Phenny is helping us out again this month. November we are doing potatoes!! Can’t wait to see recipes. Mark your calendars 🙂 Snorts and oinks!

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furst: I was DA BESTEST PHENNY yesterday night. I ate no kids nor their treats,  no barkfeast nor nuclear meltdowns happened. I was in the living room, played a little with my toys…

…and then I slept on the couch like a log. My dad who wanted to be the treat-guy was as busy as a cross-eyed air traffic controller and ran to the door efurry 5 seconds… while me and the mama were on da couch and enjoyed da evening… seems  to supervise da Weimaraner was the better job…..just saying… butt back to business:

guess what? I’ve found a new trick how to steal food from the table…

… furst: pick your victim, but pick it wise, the best is a dad or another male pawson, they are easy to handle…

… act as if you wouldn’t be not intrested in the things on the table…but always…

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Travels in the South

Okay my friends.  Take a good look at that picture.  Look familiar?  These delectable weird shaped things are called Moondrop Grapes.  What?  Really?  Yes really.  They are look like moon beams.  When mom started talking about them to me and dad, we just laughed at her.  But she kept saying they were real and we *were* going to try them.  Me and dad just looked at each other like mom had finally slipped over that fine edge of sanity – snorts with piggy laughter.

Nana came down Saturday and her and mom/dad went off for a bit.  When they came back, mom was beaming with moonbeams because she found the moondrop grapes.  Say that several times huh?  She made all of us eat one together.  And you know what?  They are awesome!  They are a bit sweeter than a normal grape but yummy.  You want to eat more than one and we all did.  Dad said their shape reminded him of our boiled peanut shells here in the south that are also that long.

Have you tried these before?  You gotta find some if you haven’t.  They are a seasonal item.  Mom got these at our local Kroger where they were on sale.  Bon appetite!



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