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Itsy Bitsy Spider


The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout

Down came the rain and washed the spider out

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain

And the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again

Kind of a catchy tune isn’t it?  Mom went outside to get the mail.  When she came back in, she was mumbling something, grabbed her cell phone and went back outside.  This piqued my interest.  What the heck was mom up to?

When she came back in, I could smell nature on her.  And, I could smell the heat.  Shivers, I don’t like the heat.  I’ll take my air conditioned room any day.  🙂

Well, she said she went outside to take a picture of something.  Of course, I had to jump on the couch with her to look at the picture.  Oh THUD!  I will never hear the itsy bitsy song again without this vision popping into my little head.  If *that* is an itsy bitsy spider, we are ALL in trouble my friends.  This thing looked like it had its own zipcode!  Have you ever soon anything this huge??!!

I recognize that sound of you hitting the floor.  I’m sorry.  But you have to admit that it is very colorful.  Mom says it’s a good spider and won’t harm you.  I’m not sure about that.  It looks like it can carry me off.


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Happy Last Day of the Month

Happy Saturday my dear sweet friends.  20130929-141408.jpgToday is the last day of September and the spooky month of October starts tomorrow.  I wanted to give you a heads up about October.  October is going to be a busy month for this little piggy.

I skyped a witch and she even saw me in her crystal ball.  Even she knew I was up to something before mom and dad did.  You see,  I’m going to have 31 days of Spook on my blog.  I’m personally going to highlight scary movies, television shows, legends, monsters and other things that go bump in the night.  I might even quiz you on some of them so be prepared.  Start brushing up on your trivia.  I hope it will be fun for everyone.

So, happy last day of September my friends.  Welcome to Spooky October!  Evil snort


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Paw Time with Houdini

Greetings my sweet friends!!  I’m so glad to say that things seem to be getting back to the norm here at the Hotel Thompson.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love spending time with Nana.  However, I was so glad to see mom/dad last weekend – barks with puppy excitement.  I thought they ran away from me never to come back again.  It was the longest I have ever been away from them.  But they came back in such great moods and they left something some thousands of miles in the air above us.  What was it?  Stress.  Mom/dad said they had the best times of their lives.  I’m glad.  That means I get more sweet moments with them here.  And don’t worry.  They will be sharing their adventures with you shortly.  But for now, I leave you with Jokes with Daddy.  Trust me.  That man nevers stops!


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Shopping Around the World

Welcome my friends to another wonderful edition of Shopping Around the World.  I want to thank my cousin Teddy for hosting Shopping Around the World for the past couple of months.  We really appreciated the help with everything going on here at the Hotel Thompson and mom/dad deciding to travel across the world for vacation… leaving us anipals with family members and not taking us with them… snorts with piggy laughter.  I’m just sayin’.  I could have been mom’s service pig.  Right?  But I digress from what is scheduled on the calendar today.

Today my cousin Teddy decided Shopping Around the World would dessert.  Who doesn’t love dessert, right?  And mom has a special dessert that she fixes that knocks all of us over here at the Hotel Thompson.  Yes it is that good – good enough to guarantee to put at least five pounds on your exterior.  Just ask daddy – ha!

Well my friends without further ado, take it away mommy! ❤

Chocolate Graham Cracker Crust – $1.50; Jif Peanut Butter, smooth – $2.50; Lite Whip Cream – $1.00; Cream Cheese – $1.00; and Confectioner’s Sugar – $3.29; Reese’s Mini Cups – $.69= $9.98

Now you really can’t say this easy Peanut Butter Pie cost $10.00 to make because it didn’t.  You’re not going to use the entire jar of peanut butter or the entire bag of confectioner’s sugar.  With that in mind, I would guess perhaps around $5.00.  And the Reese’s Mini cups are optional.  Mom just thinks they look pretty decorated on the finished pie.  And yes she got the mini cups because the paper is already taken off of them – that’s right.  Mom goes for easy – easy to eat while decorating the pie that is – snorts.

Directions from mom for Easy Peanut Butter Pie:

Make sure that the cream cheese and cool whip are at room temperature.  Mix the cream cheese (1 package), 1/2 cup confectioner’s sugar and 1/2 cup peanut butter until smooth.  Fold in 1/2 of the whipped topping.  Spoon the mixture onto the chocolate graham cracker crust.  You can use regular flavor graham cracker – the chocolate just kicks it up a bit.

Please the remaining whip cream topping over the pie.  Now we garnish with chopped up Reese’s peanut butter cups.  This is optional.  You can also drizzle with chocolate.  Chill for at least two hours or overnight.  Now, I would like to say that this picture is what mine looked like.  We made the pie.  Popped it in the fridge overnight and then after dinner the next night we had some friends over and ate the pie…. without taking a picture of it!  Of course, that could have given us an excuse to make another 🙂 winks.


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Ask a Stupid Question Day

  Journalist Rocky the Squirrel here –

Keeping my paws on the nuts of the world!


Today, September 28th is an awesome day.  It’s Ask a Stupid Question Day.  Finally a day that we can ask all of those silly questions and not have anyone look at us a strange way.  Speak up my followers – ask all of those questions you were afraid to ask today that you have been wondering about all year long.

 I interviewed the occupants here at the Hotel Thompson.  They came up with some great questions that I’m going to share.  They’ll start so you can feel better about your questions.  Remember no one is going to laugh at your question – maybe the answer but not the question – chitter chatter

“Why is Grape Nuts cereal called Grape Nuts when it has neither grapes or nuts?”

“If the Professor on Gilligan’s Island could make a radio out of a coconut, why couldn’t he fix a small hole in the side of the boat?”

“Why does Goofy always stand up on two legs yet Pluto remains on all four legs?  Aren’t they both dogs?”

“Why do banks leave their doors wide open but chain their pens to the counter?”

“How come when the battery goes dead on the television remote, you think it will work if you press the buttons harder?”

“If a cat always lands on its feet and buttered bread always lands butter side down, what would happen if you tied buttered bread on top of the cat?”

“What color would a Smurf turn if you choked it?”


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Remember Me Thursday

Today September 22nd is Remember Me Thursday.

This is a very important date to remember all of the lost animals that didn’t find their forever homes.  Each year, animals are euthanized because they are unwanted.

Today, let’s light a candle and keep it going to remember them.  It takes all of us to do our part in making sure animals get as much love as they need and find their forever parents.  Did you adopt your current anipal into their forever home or did they adopt YOU?  Maybe today, lean a paw at your local shelter and/or make a donation to help.

Hold your babies tight today and say a little prayer my friends.  Continue the light and be their voice!  It takes all of us doing our part.  Thanks my friends!


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Travels in the South

Welcome my friends to another week of Travels in the South.  This week, we are talking about my dad again.  He gives me so much material – snorts and rolls with piggy laughter.  Dad loves finger foods and peanut butter and food and pretzels and food.  Well you get the ideal – daddy loves food.  And who could blame him, right?  I myself LOVE food of any kind in any way.

Well mom went shopping the other day and found these awesome treats for him – an entire container of peanut buttered pretzels for $1.00 – what a bargain!  Now you would think with the price low they might be stale or icky.  They were not.  Daddy ate them grinning the entire time making weird noises.  I think he liked them.


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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon – What?  Us reindeer can’t make a living only working one time a year at Christmas.  So what do we do for part time gigs?  Well I myself go from flea market to flea market taking pictures with the humans. Sometimes just for fun, I’ll stick my tongue out.  For some reasons, the humans love that.  Hey – it’s a living in between working for the fat dude.  Signed Donner

Dear Donner – You know I really never did think about what ya’ll did for the rest of the year.  I guess you would have to make some money during the year.  And hey, why not stick your tongue out?  I bet you make more money doing that, right?  Way to go my friend.  If you are ever near these parts, stop in for some treats.

Dear Bacon – What has been seen can not now be unseen.  Why do the humans think they can run naked throughout the house when other humans are not around?  Are we not considered family?  Nobody wants to see that – put some clothes on.  And let me just say, just because other humans aren’t around, we don’t want to smell your farts either.  My gosh – what was that a motor boat??  Signed Shocked

Dear Shocked – WOW – it must have been a vision that can not be erased from your memory.  The look on your face tells me everything. And the run by motor boat, it had to be your dad, wasn’t it?  Shakes piggy head.  My dad does that too and then tries to blame it on me when mom walks in the room.  Dude, they ought to bottle that stuff up for hazardous materials!

 Dear Bacon – For some reason, I don’t think that humans are suppose to get up and then fall over.  I saw my mistress working at her desk, stand up and then fall over and go boom.  Her eyes were shut and everything.  I just sat here and watched… and waited.  Is it normal?  Do you humans just get tired like this?  Signed Watcher

Dear Watcher – Shakes head no.  I don’t think that is normal my friend.  Did she finally get up?  Maybe she was looking at the family budget.  Sometimes my dad’s eyes will roll to the back of his head when he looks at the budget at the end of the month.  Yeah – maybe that’s it.  For some reasons, numbers do that to humans.  I don’t get it either.  I mean what’s to budget for?  Just our food is important.

Dear Bacon – What?  Haven’t you ever seen a kangaroo with his rabbit?  This is my buddy Hopper – he’s my pal.  He never talks back and goes everywhere I do.  Sure my friends talk about me behind my back but they’re just jealous.  Don’t you have a friend too?  Signed Hopper Times Two

Dear Hopper Times Two – Who are other people to judge?  If you want Hopper around with you all of the time, so be it.  I have little friends around the Hotel Thompson that I count as my friends.  It’s no different.  You be your own kangaroo and don’t worry about what people say behind your back.  They are just jealous that they don’t have a close friend like yours.  Hop on and take care!

Dear Bacon – I’m just a sexy little feline trying to pay her way through cat school.  They only way I can make some money is buy working the poles.  I practice at home on the legs to any table I can find at home during the day.  Then at night, I hit the club and work my magic.  What do you think about this move?  Sexy enough for you?  Signed Magic Kitty

Dear Magic Kitty – Well, um, what can I say?  You have the moves like Jagger?  You can get into positions that I’ve never seen before.  But I gotta ask…. where do they put the money?


 Dear Bacon – My mother thinks I’m always too mean towards my little brother and that I need to show him how much I really love him.  I can do that, I said, so I decided to give him this great big hug.  Do you believe he had the nerve to stick his tongue out at me and tell Mommy I was still being mean to him?  Apparently hugging gets you put in time out these days…. it’s not fair, I tell you!  Signed Cat Hugger

Dear Cat Hugger – You hugged him and still got time out?  The nerve of your human.  I mean look at the little guy – he is sticking his tongue out at you?  What about that?  Did your humans not see that?  You being all nice and him showing you the tongue.  I say this means war… of course don’t get caught again – snorts





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Journey with Friends – Weeks 37/38

Welcome my friends to our weekly issue of Journey with Friends.  This is a time that we come together for support, for encouragement, for fellowship – all with one single goal in mind – to live better.  Welcome to our journey to share our goals and our accomplishments and our disappointments and frustrations.

Together we can do this!

Sunday, September 10, 2017 –  Lots of errands today but also lots of rest 🙂  There will be time for a lot more walking in the week. Miles Moved: 0.80

Monday, September 11, 2017 –  Thank you Hurricane Irma.  Thanks to you, work was called out today.  Which the only thing good that you brought was today off so I could finally pack for my trip.  Australia here I come.  Miles Moved: 1.25

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 –  Go day!  Airports are busy.  Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport is huge.  First part of the trip, Delta Airlines Atlanta to Los Angeles, California.  I have never moved so fast running through an airport in my entire life.  Oh my goodness.  All of the training I’ve been doing paid off today.  What a run!   Miles Moved: 3.23

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 –  The good thing about today is this – we skipped today in traveling – LOL.  You see Australia is what like 14 hours ahead of us so in flying we kind of skipped over Wednesday right into Thursday.  And really how much walking could you have gotten on the plane anyway, right?  Miles Moved: 0.15

Thursday, September 14, 2017 –  Life in the air… no walking here.  We sat and watched movies and walked a bit to/from the bathroom but that was about it.  My behind was beyond asleep by the time we got to the land down under!  But what an awesome time it will be for the next week. Miles Moved: 0.54

Friday, September 15, 2017 –  Happy Anniversary to us and Happy Birthday to Bacon.  What an awesome way to celebrate our anniversary today but in Australia.  Game plan – lots of walking, sight seeing and a great anniversary dinner tonight with friends.  Miles Moved: 2.69

Saturday, September 16, 2017 –  What an awesome day!!  Let me tell you something, Fozziemom can cook!  Today all of her kids were over and she cooked the bestest meal ever.  It was simply delicious.  Not much moving around except walks around the property looking for kangaroos – LOL.  They know I’m here so they are hiding.    Miles Moved: 1.86

Sunday, September 17, 2017 –  Today we went through some older mining areas in Australia. What a beautiful place but so very sad!  So many people gave up everything to start their lives mining for gold and then lost everything never getting what they came for.  So sad!     Miles Moved: 3.38

Monday, September 18, 2017 –  So many places to explore in such a short time.  How will I ever see everything?  Is it even possible?  LOL – Of course not.  But we are going to try our best for sure. Miles Moved: 3.15

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 –  Slow rest day today.  We are going to need it – lots of things planned for the rest of the week.  Miles Moved: 1.31

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 –  Yarra Valley here we come – LOL.  The Yarra Valley has lots of places to explore – dairies, chocolate shop, and we are staying tonight at Oscars on the Yarra.  What an absolutely beautiful place!  So quiet.  You can just sit and relax.  Close your eyes and just listen to the different birds, relax and destress forgetting everything.  What a beautiful place!  Miles Moved: 3.06

Thursday, September 21, 2017 –  Today’s agenda – Healesville Sanctuary.  What a beautiful sanctuary.  I never thought I would get so up/close personal with so many beautiful Australian animals.  Absolutely wonderful day here.  Miles Moved: 4.55

Friday, September 22, 2017 –   Can you believe that this is the last full day here in Australia.  It has gone by so fast!  Today we visit the Yarra Valley Diary and the Yara Chocolaterie.   I may never fit on the airplane going back to the USA ever again – LOL.   Miles Moved: 3.37

Saturday, September 23, 2017 –  We leave this morning.  What an absolutely amazing time we have spent in Australia.  I will never forget my time here.  Now I prepare for the long plane ride home.  YAY!  Miles Moved: 1.58

Thoughts for the week:  Even though we were traveling in an amazing place, we still got some exercise in.  AND I didn’t do too bad eating.  In fact, who can say they go on vacation to an amazing place like Australia and end up LOSING weight?  In the past couple of weeks, I lost 8 pounds.  Amazing!  Still on plan and working towards my goal.  Thanks my friends ❤

This week walked: 30.92

TOTAL 2017 Miles:  466.14

 ❤ small goals turn into big accomplishments ❤


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Carolina Reaper Chip


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