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Guess What Started Yesterday?

The running of the bulls!

WOW – Can you believe it’s already that time of the year again.  Starting yesterday and running through July 14th, starts the Running of the Bulls. Really? People really put their lives in jeopardy to run through the streets of Pamplona, Spain chased by B.U.L.L.S with HORNS. I gotta ask. Are you crazy?! This is not only for one day but it is a annual festival that starts today.

I understand it is a tradition. The first thing they do is take a statue of San Fermin and parade it through Pamplona. This saint is believed to ‘protect’ the runners as they are being chased by the mean bulls. And, it really did look festive on television. They even had musicians playing and singing. And they had people standing on balconies throughout the streets that watched the bulls chasing the humans. Now, I enjoyed the music, the singing and I could even watch.

But, this little pig doesn’t run that fast to participate in the running FROM the bulls – snorts. I would be a nice little snack for them. Shivers. And the actual bull run lasts about four minutes – but still I don’t think this oinker would have a chance.

So instead of ‘running’ from the bulls, I thought I would do it ‘my’ way 🙂

A couple of years ago, I started my own “Running of the Bulls.”  I carried my king size Egyptian cotton sheet from the bedroom into the front room. At times, mommy would hold it for me so I could run through it. You know, like she was fighting a ‘bull’ per say. She would call me a pigatador – snorts. It was fun and kept me busy for some time. Even daddy got into the game playing and would hold it up for me.

It was really fun. I’m not sure who it wore out faster – me, mommy or daddy. Even Hemi, the purr thing here at the Hotel Thompson, got into the action and would run through it. What can I say – we are so easily entertained!

This year, I think we are taking some of this fun out in my magical back yard.  If you see us out there, we are just practicing… nothing to fear yet – evil snorts!


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Paw Time with Houdini

 Barks!  Hello friends to the end of a very short work week – YAY!!  I’m so glad it’s over.  I’m ready for some more mommy time this weekend.  Plus this weekend I have a spa date scheduled.  I really need it.  Daddy said I smell like a dog.  As if he wishes he was that lucky to smell like me, right?  It’s hard working getting that smell.  Come on my fellow anipals, you know what I’m talking about.

Bacon told you earlier in the week that we did nothing over the holiday.  We made mom slow down and rest.  That was the most important thing for the holiday – get rest!  Sometimes moms think they are Super Women and try to do everything.  I’m sure you can relate to your moms.   Everyone was in the living room watching some television show one day and mom woke up to this picture.  Of course she had to snap a picture.  She was afraid to move too much because she would wake us up.  It was hilarious.  And Bacon is no fool.  He was asleep on the floor under the fan.  Smart oinker huh?  So my friends remember to get extra snuggles this weekend.

Now I leave you with Jokes wit Dad.  Be afraid – barks with puppy laughter.


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