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Catching Up -Someone Had a Birthday

Oh friends – what a great past couple of days.  There is so much to catch up with – snorts.  You see, mom has been off from the worky place since Friday, June 30th.  Isn’t that awesome?!  Since mom has been going full steam with the exercise and it was her birthday this holiday, she put up her Apple i-Watch and let her hair down so to speak.  She told dad that she claimed the Hotel Thompson to be a “No Exercise/Diet” palace until she went back to work today.  Now don’t worry.  She didn’t go to crazy, just the opposite in fact.

Mom went out with Nana on Saturday and we think she got overheated.  She came home in the afternoon feeling icky with germs of a summer cold.  She just couldn’t get cold enough.  In fact, at one time I thought she was going to climb in the freezer.  That would have been fun.  Of course, I would have taken pictures for sure.

She felt better Sunday and her/dad went shopping to all of her key places.  And for her birthday, she picked up this outfit to the right.  So her, right?!  I mean who could have picked a better outfit?  Of course dad is still shaking his head in disbelief that mom bought jeans with holes *already* in them.  Hilarious that mom of mine for sure.  And I did mention birthday.

Mom’s birthday was 7/3 – she turned 39 again.  Her/dad celebrated on the fourth with all of the fireworks and dad something about still making their own fireworks after 29 years… silly daddy huh?  Oh and mom wants to thank everyone for their well wishes on Facebook, their calls and their cards.  All of them really touched her ❤  We love all of you very much!!

I made sure mom got plenty of rest, love and shopping in her days off – and no exercise.  It was hard to push her out of bed this morning to go back to work.  I tell you.  A pig’s job is never done – snorts and rolls with piggy laughter.


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Travels in the South

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July then with Fireworks.  Add Oreos to the mix and you have the best of both situations.  Mom/dad found these limited edition Firework Oreo’s to celebrate the holiday.  And boy were the 1- fun and 2- delicious!  Yep, this little oinker got to try some.  Now I love Oreo’s and I should have been suspicious when dad offered me one.  But I wasn’t and I gobbled it down.  That’s when it happened.  The little ‘pop-pop-pop’ on my piggy tongue.

Do you remember pop rocks?  They have something similar to pop rocks on the white stuff of the Oreo.  When you eat the Oreo, you can feel the popping in your mouth.  It’s a blast of a great time.  We all had to share them here at the Hotel Thompson.

And do you want to hear what is funny?  Mom bought these and didn’t tell daddy what flavor they were. You have to check out their video. So funny!

If you see them in your grocery store, try a pack.  They are fun – fun – FUN!


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