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Journey with Friends – Week 22

Welcome my friends to our weekly issue of Journey with Friends.  This is a time that we come together for support, for encouragement, for fellowship – all with one single goal in mind – to live better.  Welcome to our journey to share our goals and our accomplishments and our disappointments and frustrations.

Together we can do this!

Sunday, May 28, 2017 –  Crappers!  It finally happened.  I had 27 perfect days on my Apple i-Watch.  My rings were full of exercise, move and standing… every single day.  Until today.  Lowers my head.  I failed 2 hours on my stand.  Out of the entire month, if this is all I didn’t make, I’m good with it!  🙂  Miles Moved: 1.39

Monday, May 29, 2017 – From walking every day now, I don’t have to look forward to my Monday’s anymore to walk.  Funny huh?  Now walking every day is an every day event.  I never thought I would make that change.  It’s awesome for sure.  Miles Moved: 1.86

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 –  It is getting way too hot outside.  Oh my gosh.  By the time I get back in, I’m soaking wet these days.  That’s definitely one of the downfalls from living here in the south – the humidity and heat will swelter you for sure!  Miles Moved: 2.48

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 –  It’s always a little hectic in my life the end of the month and at the beginning of the month.  I have to close out one month completely to reopen the next at work.  It involves lots of numbers – lots of digits – lots of calculations.  It keeps me busy and walking helps keep the stress off of my shoulders.  Miles Moved: 2.36

Thursday, June 1, 2017 –  I have to admit that I’m a little stressed right at this point.  I have things going on at work and things going on with our surprise in September.  I’m a little flustered at the moment.  I  have to keep reminding myself to breathe and that everything will fall into place.  And you know what.  It will.   Miles Moved: 2.20

Friday, June 2, 2017 –  I ordered some new glasses a couple of weeks ago.  They came in this week and I’ve been wearing them a couple of days now.  I have to admit – I love these new specs!  I *hated* my old glasses.  Everything was so dark but with these they are awesome.  Everything is so well lit.  I absolutely dig them!  Miles Moved: 2.28

Saturday, June 3, 2017 –  Houdini off to the spa, mom/dad off for some shopping, pick up Houdini and then off to work for a couple of hours.  A family that works together, stays together – giggles.  Miles Moved: 1.70

Thoughts for the week:  As you can see above, all but for 2 hours of stand time on the 28th of May, I had a *perfect* month.  Go me!! ❤  Now, I’m shooting for a perfect June.  I never thought I would be doing this in my life.  Me – exercise = no way.  That used to be my calculation – LOL.  Nowadays, it’s where can I fit in some walk time – some me time to think about life.  It’s definitely been a bonus for sure.  And no, the scale hasn’t moved but you know what.  I’m good with that.  I feel healthier in my choices.  I feel healthier in my exercises.  I could do more I’m sure.  But for now, I’m feeling great!

This week walked: 14.27

TOTAL 2017 Miles:  263.91


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Attention Friends – I Need YOU!

I once again have openings on my Spotlight Thursday interviews.  If you have not been interviewed or if you know of someone who would like to be interviewed, please have them comment below and/or send me an email at  All anipals are welcomed 🙂

❤ Thanks for your help my friends! ❤


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