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Age Appropriate? Come on Dad


Were you scared?  Piggy rolling around laughing.  I put a sheet on myself last night and was running through the Hotel Thompson snorting, oinking and booing.  I think I scared daddy and made him jump.  It was kind of funny and he said he was laughing inside although I couldn’t see him.  He said I kind of gave it away with the sheet over my snout.  What do you think?  Would you have been scared?

Dad also told me that I’ve been watching too many paranormal ghost shows.  Seriously dad?  Is there ever *too* many paranormal ghost shows?  He then told me that perhaps some of them weren’t age appropriate for me.  Daddy, you’ve got be kidding me.  Admit it dad, you’re the one afraid of the dark, not me.  And is there anything really not age appropriate for me?  I’m not like those scaredy cats around the house.  I’m a man pig.  I can take it.

Mom lets me stay up and watch these types of shows with her, especially on Friday and Saturday nights when there’s no work the next day.  They’re great fun.  Sometimes I think me and mom could team up and investigate a spooky place together.  It would make a great television show.  How many paranormal shows have you seen with a pig co-host?  I ain’t scared of no ghosts!



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