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Journey with Friends – Week 9

Welcome my friends to our weekly issue of Journey with Friends.  This is a time that we come together for support, for encouragement, for fellowship – all with one single goal in mind – to live better.  Welcome to our journey to share our goals and our accomplishments and our disappointments and frustrations.

Together we can do this!

February 26, 2017 –  With the stress of the washer/dryer delivery and having a couple of asthma attacks over the past several days, today I just treated myself nice.  You can’t beat someone when they are down.  And trust me friends.  I was DOWN today.  Thank goodness that the delivery is behind me.  The asthma is behind me (I feel so much better now).  The errands are behind me.  Now I can concentrate back to normalcy tomorrow.  Today, I didn’t even get dressed for most of the day let alone put on my i-Watch.  I’m not even beating myself up today, which I would in the past.  This is a lifetime change, not a six month or year change.  I’m okay with myself for letting go today.  I think we need to do that every once in a while anyway.  Tomorrow though – back to the grind!  I promise! ❤

February 27, 2017 – Back to work, back to normalcy and back to walking.  Yeah baby!  It really felt good after missing the past several days.  You don’t think my body is adjusting and starting to – gulps – love walking, do you?  LOL  Miles Moved: 2.47

February 28, 2017 –  Let’s be real shall we?  This is life.  Life happens.  I like to say that I take stress pretty well but with all that happened over the weekend, I failed.  Not just failed but failed miserably.  Okay the hub unit says I didn’t but we all know ourselves better than anyone else, right?  So let’s get it out there and admit to some things.  I’m human.  I didn’t walk (exercise) for FOUR days. I didn’t monitor what I ate like I should.  No I didn’t overindulge or pig out but my food choices could have been better.  And here’s the big admission.  I drunk a soda.  A real fully leaded Coke.  Sigh – it’s out now.  I broke and broke terribly especially when the asthma attacks started happening Saturday.  Was it as good as I remembered – HELL YEAH!  Am I over it now so I can move on and get back to living clean?  YES-YES-YES.  I was beating myself up and I thought twice about posting.  Then it dawned on me.  Some of you actually do read my journey on my weight loss.  I refuse to sugar coat my life.  So with that being said, you get the truth – the real me.  It may not be wonderful every week.  But the good news is I’m back baby!  Miles Moved: 3.11

March 1, 2017 –   The rains are moving in today.  Hopefully they will tend to happen during the nights so I can get my walks in outside.  I mean I do have my treadmill Lucifer but I really enjoy getting outside and feeling the sun on my body which might I add I’ve never wanted before.  Strange huh?  And I’m happy to say things are back to their old selves.  I’m on a mission friends.  ❤ Miles Moved: 2.24

March 2, 2017 –  The rains waited last night until after I got home.  I’m loving this sunshine during my walks.  Before when I worked through lunch, I would never see the sun.  That’s a crying shame!  And with my walks, I’ve created a playlist for music to listen to while putting in walk time.  It has some fabulous upbeat music from all generations.  It’s fabulous!  Miles Moved:  1.96

March 3, 2017 –  I weighed this morning.  The scales has not moved.  However, I *know* my body is changing and that makes me happy.  I’ll go with the way I “feel” anyday over that stupid scale – giggles.  And today during my walk, it was cold and windy outside.  But that was okay.  I dressed up in a coat with my hoody looking like a snowman doing my 30 minute walk.  Call that determination you stinking scales – LOL!  Miles Moved: 2.37

March 4, 2017 –  Errand day – don’t you just love the weekend to catch up on everything – LOL.  Miles Moved: 1.57

Thoughts for the week:  9 weeks adjusting to a new way of eating and living.  There have been ups and downs but for the most part I’ve adjusted.  There’s a lot more to go one step at a time chasing my shadow one day at a time.  Thank you my friends for your support! ❤️

This week walked: 13.72

TOTAL 2017 Miles: 113.11

Weight Loss:  -12.00 pounds (88 more to go!)



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