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Shopping Around The World!!

Hey friends – check it out. My angel Chef cousin is hosting Shopping Around the World this month. Let’s give them all of our support!! ❤ Thanks buddy – XOXO – Bacon



Yes I know you’re not used to ME hosting “Shopping Around The World” rather than our buddy and pal Bacon BUTT I’m helping him and his Mom out this month – fun huh????   


Yes indeed it’s that time of the month again (no not THAT time but THIS time) and we’re going to ask you to do the usual thing – do your post and link back to ME (yep – ME this month) so we can not only see what your recipe is but hopefully see some photos of it AND see what the prices of the ingredients were.    After all, that’s the most fun (other than eating of course) – seeing what the prices around the world are for the ingredients!   It’s amazing to me what WE pay compared to YOU all.

So what are we gonna do for “Shopping” this month?    How about we focus…

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Paw Time with Houdini

Oh dear friends – I can’t keep my head up.  I’ve been tired all week.  I watched the Puppy Bowl last Sunday and got really into the game.   I barked.  I ran around the front room.  I pounced.  I played.  I wore myself out.  Heck, let alone when mom/dad’s Super Bowl came on television, I could barely keep my head up.  I admit it.  This is me – one tired little puppy.  Daddy said I didn’t miss much from his game and that he had more enjoyment watching me with the Puppy Bowl.  It was fun for sure.

Yawns… I’ve gotta go take another nap.  I’m so tired still!  Enjoy Jokes with Daddy my friends.


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