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Have you seen what my Bashful has done lately? You *have* to check it out. OMP!! XOXO – Bacon

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guess what? today in the early  morning a weird thing happened….


…. I suddenly heard something,  woke up and I saw how  my dad and Bashful tiptoed  out of the bedroom…. well, Bashful is a stone and efurrybuddy can hear a tiptoing stone, right?


… eggscept my mother who slept like  a log while I ran around like crazy…


How can they furget me at home?


I waited for 87 hours till they came back…


… and Bashful had two plaster stripes on his butt, so I was afraid they maybe had an accident or visited  a free for all without me …


…butt Bashful said no worries and he laughed like crazy…


Bashful told me that  he was in Loudeac with my dad and they visited the store of the breton tattoo-artist Nico Mariette, XXL-TATTOO and there they have efurring…

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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon – They say that after you have been with your humans for a while, you start looking like each other.  I think my human has rubbed off on my slightly. I’m cool with that.  You should see my human.  He says I’ve rubbed off on him as well  Signed Domguise

Dear Domguise – WOW.  That’s all I gotta say.  If this is what has happened to you, I can only imagine what your human looks like.  You do make the look though my friend.  Really, you do.  Take care.

Dear Bacon – Don’t let my size and cute looks fool you.  I’m one crazy and tough quack.  This is a deadly beak and I can take care of myself.  Whatcha looking at pig?  Signed Duck Off

Dear Duck Off – Hey, no problems here my friend.  I know when I’m up against a touch quacker.  I think it’s in your beady eyes that you mean business and will not put up with any crap from anyone.  Shivers – you scare me.  You really do.


Dear Bacon –  We just wanted you to see that you weren’t the only cute miniature.  Look at us – we rock this barn here at Old McDonald’s farm.  Signed Goat Twins

Dear Goat Twins – OMP (oh my pig!)  You two are the most adorable things I’ve seen in some time.  How does your humans not just pick you up and squeeze you?  Rock on my friends.  Ya’ll are totally cute as buttons!

Dear Bacon – I was on my walk the other day in the neighborhood minding my own business when I came across such a weird animal.  I’m not sure what it was.  It hopped and made little sounds.  We got nose to nose.  Do you know what this thing was?  Signed Boo

Dear Boo – It’s a rabbit!  Look at those ears and that adorable little cotton tail.  WOW – I have rabbits in my magical backyard but nothing like that fancy one.  So cute!


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