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Reminder – Shopping Around the World and Bacon’s Show and Tell

Hello friends – Reminder to mark your calendars with our important dates this month ūüôā‚̧

Shopping Around the World

¬† This month it is scheduled for¬†December¬†30th ‚Äď after the holiday so we can all make plans. ¬†Since it is the Christmas holidays, this month we will again focus on appetizers, side dishes, salads, soups, main entrees or desserts. ¬†What is something that you look forward to once a year at Christmas. ¬†I mean yes we can have it throughout the year but having it at Christmas screams the holiday? ¬†This gives you a wide variety of foods you can come up with. ¬†Fix whatever your dish is, take pictures and post it with recipes and prices on December 30th on your blog. ¬†Remember to link back to my blog posting so people can see yours. ¬†This is a wonderful way to (1) meet new friends in blogville and (2) get some wonderful recipes. ¬†And I‚Äôll admit it. ¬†This piggy has been known to visit on these days and lick the computer screen at some of your awesome dishes. ¬†I‚Äôm just sayin‚Äô ‚Äď some of pictures look out of this world!!

Bacon’s Show and Tell

To me, what better time of the year to share some embarrassing stories from Christmas. ¬†Did you gather as a family for dinner and someone do something hilarious? ¬†Did you have a mishap and spill your plate? ¬†Go ahead my friends, let‚Äôs talk about something funny our humans do or did during their Christmas holidays. ¬†I know these stories will be good! ¬†Bacon‚Äôs Show and Tell is scheduled for¬†December 28th. ¬†Remember to do your blog and link back to my blog so we can all see what everyone shares. ¬†Thanks my friend ‚Äď can‚Äôt wait for some great stories.


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Christmas Card 2016


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Bashful is HOME!

Oh friends – I’m happy to say that Bashful made it back home over the weekend. ¬†In fact, mom/dad went out Sunday morning. ¬†When they got home, there was a special delivery on the porch – BASHFUL. ¬†Remember he had been visiting Miss Harper Lee and her sister Tallulah Bee in New Orleans. ¬† ¬†Of course, they couldn’t wait to get the box in and dig inside. ¬†Boy were mom/dad happy – look at all of the awesome goodies. ¬†There were marvelous hand pies from New Orleans from Haydel’s Bakery. ¬†They had 4 different flavors – chocolate, lemon, cherry and apple. ¬†The note from Miss Harper’s mom said to nuke a pie in the microwave for a mere 15 seconds and eat. ¬†Well mom picked out the chocolate, nuked it and her and daddy then proceeded to make more aaww and oohh sounds in the kitchen than a porno – not that I would know anything about that….looks innocent. ¬†The package also had beads, a shirt, cookies and red beans. ¬†Remember last week when Miss Harper’s mom posted her Red Beans and Rice recipe? ¬†If not, you can get it here. ¬†My mom now has the beans and Bashful is begging for more of this delicious meal that he tried while in New Orleans. ¬†So next week when my mom is on vacation, she is going to make this fantastic looking recipe. ¬†We can’t wait… of course mine will be minus any pork products... you know for obvious reasons – snorts with piggy laughter.

AND did you see the magnificent piggy Christmas ornament? ¬†Squeals with delight! ¬†Isn’t it magnificent? ¬†Mommy put it on our book shelf in the living room. ¬†That way we can see it every day of the year – not just at Christmas time. ¬†We absolutely love it!

And see the pop rocks. ¬†That’s for Bashful and his new friend. ¬†You know, in case they got hungry on the way home to the Hotel Thompson.

And of course you know when Bashful comes home, he brings a friend. ¬†This time was no different. ¬†Meet Lola from NOLA – isn’t she beautiful? ¬†So flashy and it’s just meant for Lola to be laying around in those beads – don’t you think? ¬†¬†So our friends from New Orleans – thank you bunches and bunches. We love everything and will think of you often!!


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My Special Day with Bashful

Just what did Bashful do his last day in NOLA? Check it out my sweet friends. XOXO – Bacon



Late last week, my human mommy helped my rockin’ friend Bashful pack his bags and head home after an eventful stay in my hometown of New Orleans. He had quite a visit. Between a Pelicans basketball game, gumbo and brass bands, and laundry and red beans and rice, it seems Bashful was always on the go with my humans . . . and he was always eating. He may need some new clothes (one size up) when he gets home. Before Bashful traveled back to Bacon and the Hotel Thompson, I got to spend a very special day with my new little friend.


We were up bright and early last Wednesday and in the car for a road trip. Bashful called shotgun.


Before I knew it (maybe because I slept for most of the trip), Bashful and I had arrived at our destination: the Small Animal Clinic of…

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Travels in the South

For obvious reasons today – snorts/oinks/coughs – I’m giving todays Travels in the South edition over to mom. ¬†TAKE IT AWAY MOM!

Bacon – You might want to cover your ears and eyes for today’s edition.

Friends – we have found a really unique sandwich at our local Sonny’s Barbeque Restaurant. ¬†What is it you ask? ¬†They call this¬†The Smokin’ Gun. ¬†Look at that deliciousness. ¬†Here is what is in it: ¬†Jalapeno cheddar hot links, chopped brisket, banana peppers and red onions topped with a sweet mustard sauce on a bun. ¬†It’s really not that hot – mom/dad both loved it for it’s uniqueness and taste. ¬†And of course for obvious reasons we can’t eat it at home. ¬†But it is way yummy!

If you have a Sonny’s Barbeque Restaurant in your area, you may want to check it out.



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