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Door Watch 2016 – Sherlock Bones

Sherlock Bones here checking in on Door Watch 2016.  Watching that door is wiping me out.  I’m not sleeping.  I barely move except for the basics – you know a dog has to do what a dog has to do outside.  Other than that and eating, I’m watching and listening at that pesky door in the hallway.  I know that freak is behind the door listening to me too.  I can smell him.  The other day I said he smelled like peppermint and pine.  Evil squirrel said it best too – he has a faint smell of alcohol.  Don’t shake your head no – listen to the reasoning.  He smells like spiked eggnog.  Really!  The smells coming out of that door are somewhat revolting yet mesmerizing in a way.  I think it might be his magic powers coming to light.  I really hope not.

I was so tired last night that Houdini and Bacon tagged team and they stood watch while I got a little shut eye.  The picture of me tells you everything.  This Door Watch 2016 is taking its toll.  I drifted off to sleep land, content, warm with a full belly.  I had some of the most pleasant dreams.  One of which involved the little seasonal outcast… I found a picture to explain.

I hope you are continuing your watch on your misbehaved elves.  Time is ticking and getting closer to their freedom.  We must stand united!



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Happy Birthday!

Today has been an important date all around – especially here at the Hotel Thompson!  You do realize what a huge fanatic my mom is about the mouse that wears the white gloves?  I mean, it’s bad enough that there are Mickey Mouse shapes across the facial boards of the Hotel Thompson… let alone the mouse is somehow someway in every room… and mom even has a tattoo of the fellow – shocker huh?  I think you can say that she’s serious about Mickey.

Can you believe that November 18, 1928, Mickey Mouse made his debut into entertainment.  He wasn’t originally known as Mickey Mouse.  Did you know that?  His first mark into history came in Steamboat Willie as Mortimer Mouse.  They changed his name shortly thereafter – good thing too, huh?


In 1929, they came out with a short called The Opry House.  This is when the mouse got his famous white gloves for his outfit.

And, did you know that Walt Disney himself did the voice of Mickey Mouse up until 1946?

And, the most important thing I found that I *know* mom is going to have a fit about.. there’s actually a Mickey Mouse cocktail.  It’s made with tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and a lime wedge.  I guess it could be a grown up version by adding Vodka.

So, let’s all wish mom’s little idol a Happy Birthday!!

Let’s Take A Quiz – Since mom loves the mouse so much, I’m going to give you three statements.  Tell me if each one is true or false – how many can you get right about mom and her beloved mouse?

(1)  Mom has a tattoo of Mickey Mouse on her body.

(2)  Mom’s family name is Mortimer.

(3)  Someone close to mom was born the same year Mickey Mouse was in 1928.


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Paw Time with Houdini

Hello friends. I hope that your week is going well.  Finally we all made it to FRIDAY.  I think that Friday is probably one of the most favorable days of the week – you think?  And this weekend is going to be awesome!  Mom is not working and her/dad plan on spending a lot of time here at the Hotel Thompson which means plenty of LAP time – barks with puppy excitement.  I think mom/dad plan on getting some holiday activities started and in the plans –  so maybe I can help with lending a paw or something.  You never know, right?  I’ve heard mom say that she needs all the help she can get.  Well, never fear – here I am to save the day.

I want to show you a new shirt that I got this week.  I think it says everything perfect, don’t you?  HAHAH

Are you ready for the holidays?  Last year was my first Christmas but I was just a baby and I don’t remember much.  So this year, I’m really looking forward to the excitment of meeting the big jolly guy we called Santa Paws.  Mom/dad say that I might even get to meet him.  That sounds way too cool.  Have you ever met him?  Please do tell me about it.

But today, I leave you with daddy… yep that crazy daddy of mine. Enjoy my friends and happy weekend!


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