Make A Wish

23 Sep

Oh friends – don’t say I didn’t warn you BUT you have to check out Bashful’s most recent escapades. Trust me. You won’t be let down – I’m still shaking my head! XOXO – Bacon

Evil Squirrel's Nest


BASHFUL: Oh, look!  A lamp!  And like everything else around The Nest, it’s both outdated and dirty!  Maybe I should just shine it up a bit here and I can take it to the pawn shop to hock for stripper money….

Bashful rubs the lamp and you’ll never guess what happened next…..


GEORGE: Greetings, Master!

BASHFUL: Wow!  Who are you?

GEORGE: I am George the Genie!  I was trapped inside of that lamp for over a million years and you have finally freed me!

BASHFUL: Hmmmm, is the lamp more valuable with a genie inside?  Maybe I should stuff you back in there…

GEORGE: I am forever indebted to you for releasing me from my prison, and have the power to grant any three wishes your heart desires!

BASHFUL: What?  Three wishes?  Me!?!?  Oh boy!!!  Gee, what do I want?  World peace?  An end to poverty?  Justin Bieber to take…

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