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Happiness Tag!

I’ve been tagged by Little Binky and Easy for the Happiness Tag.  I wanted to put some time into this so I apologize for any delay sweet friends.  So without any further delay, here I go.

Five Things That Make Me Happy:

1 – My mom and friends.  Without ya’ll, where would I be?  An awesome pig talking to myself?  Snorts with piggy laughter.  I so appreciate all of my friends here in blogville and in real life.  It’s totally awesome.  AND I appreciate everyone listening to me ramble.  Because if we have learned anything about me, you never know what might come out of my piggy mouth.

2 – Food.  What can I say?  I am a miniature pot bellied piggy and I have to maintain my figure.  I love food.  All types of food.  There is only one thing that I can’t stand.  Do you know what that food is?

3 – My television.  Seriously, my television makes me smile.  I love having it and listening to it and watching it all of the time.  I love those people in the box.  I really do.

4 – Okay, you won’t believe me when I say this and in fact, I can’t believe I’m saying it but my brothers make me happy.  I know!  You are probably thinking, “Pig, are you losing your mind?”  No really.  My brothers Hemi and Houdini make me who I am.  Although Hemi acts like a turd sometimes, if something should happen to me he is the first one there to check on me.  Same thing for me to him.  And the little guy Houdini.  How could he not make anyone happy?  He’s so full of excitement.

5 – My pet rock Bashful.  Shaking my head – I am a proud father of him.  I know he gets into trouble and causes havoc at times but you know what?  He lives!  That’s right.  He travels, he has fun, he experiences life at the fullest and he keeps me on my hooves.  I never know what he will come home with next or who he might bring home.  It’s great and all of his friends keep all of us entertained here at the Hotel Thompson.

Five Songs That Make Me Happy:

Five Friends That I Will Tag – (Tag You Are IT – snorts)

Denny and Reilly


Three Moggies and Ben


Purrince Siddhartha


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Dear Bacon

Dear Bacon – As you can see, I’m in this contraption my new humans like to call a box.  I call it a box of hell.  I mean I was okay with the humans putting me in it and taking me to their vehicle but to strap me in like the box is part of me – they will pay.  Not at first because I’m fortunate to be adopted.  But after a while… after making my new living conditions mine, they will pay.  I smell dog in this car so I do hope they have a dog and I do hope said dog is ready to be blamed for everything.  Signed Nails Out

Dear Nails Out – Oh pal.  I hate to say it but it’s almost funny to look at the picture.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not laughing at your situation.  Of course I wouldn’t do that.  But the picture of a box with arms attached – oh have mercy.  I so understand the complete concept of payback.  That poor pooch doesn’t know what is coming to his digs.

Dear Bacon – Everyone keeps saying that can’t wait for winter or fall and the cooler weather.  I say no.  I like the summer.  You don’t see us anipals bundles up to go out to use the facilities.  You don’t see us anipals where boots and coats when it’s raining.  This is me from last year.  bbbrr – can’t you just feel the cold weather.  Nope. I think I’ll pass…. but I guess mother nature won’t let me.  So, it’s time to dig out my umbrella, scarf and rain boots again.  There’s nothing like trying to pee outside where water is already all over you.  Signed Special

Dear Special – You know I like the way you think my friend.  I myself am not very fond of the outdoors, especially in the elements.  Perhaps your humans can fix you a potty area off of the back door or something.  You know so you don’t get wet.  But if not, I have to say you look adorable in your fall outfit for sure.

Dear Bacon –  Hey dude.  I’m like saying to my humans that if the potential president of our United States can have a comb over, like why can’t I?  Right?  And I have to admit that like I carry the comb over so much better than that dude for sure.  I mean like for real!  This is like my look and I’m digging it for sure.  I like the close shave all except my comb over which makes me like stand out in front of everyone else.  I mean dude with that in mind, maybe *I* should run like for the president of these United States.  I think like I have as much experience as the others, right?  Would you like vote for a dude like me?  Signed Dude

Dear Dude – I think everyone in the United States should write you in when they vote.  Just your views on life and your style, that makes you stand out in front of everyone else.  Nobody can claim that you have a double making appearances.  Nobody can claim that your cold.  Nobody can claim that you are not your very own dog.  I like that in a running campaign.  I say go for it.  And remember, free treats for everyone that votes!


Dear Bacon – They say you can be whoever you want to be.  I’ve always wanted to be a dinosaur.  I mean who wouldn’t, right?  I’ve always roared and told my humans that I’m strong like dinosaur.  They found this horse coat and boom they knew it had my name all over it.  Now, I love wearing it.  Wouldn’t you be scared if you saw me coming your way?  You would, wouldn’t you?  Signed Roar

Dear Roar – Oh my piggy heavens!  I’m shaking with fear.  That is so awesome my friend.  I love your coat and I think you make the coat.  I think it’s awesome that your humans bought if for you.  In fact,with your coat on, you could be a superhero.  I can see it now on all the televisions and papers – “Super Roar Adventures”.  It has a great sound to it, right?  Keep having an awesome time in your coat dear friend!

Dear Bacon – I claim not fair!  My doggy rights have been violated.  Who do I need to make a report to?  My friends are buttheads.  That’s right.  I said it.  They kept telling me about a new friend they met and how we had to meet because I would love them.  That’s when they introduced me to the new friend and then stepped to the side to take a picture of me saying hello.  Buttheads.  How do I get even Bacon?  Signed Caught Sniffing

Dear Caught Sniffing – Shaking my piggy head.  I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that gets caught in these types of things.  I’m so sure that there will come a time when they forget about this incident and everything with the stars line up just right that you will get even for sure.  AND I’m thinking it might be better than this episode… maybe.


❤ Remember my friends – Dear Bacon can’t happen without YOU.  Please continue emailing me your pictures and letters ❤



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