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Travels in the South

Welcome my friends.  Let’s take another stroll down memory lane with our friends Bill and Jean from Canadian Cats who visited us back in February of this year.  There are still so many pictures that we come across that we haven’t shared.

For instance this picture of daddy who thinks he has the power to bend palm trees on the main strip at Tybee Island, Georgia.  Really daddy?  Please refrain from moving things – you are not a super hero… yet.  Snorts with piggy laughter.

Daddy for some reason thought that palm tree looked like the leaning tower of Pisa.  Mom tried to tell him it wasn’t but well you all know my daddy.  He doesn’t paddle with both oars at all.

And then, while everyone is shopping in a store, the boys disappeared.  Where were they and what were they up to?  It couldn’t be good, right?  Of course not.  Mom and Jean looked up and down the aisles looking for those crazy two.  That’s when they found them on aisle 5 in the store.  What were they doing?  Are you ready for this?

They were caught picking up ho-ho’s.  Really boys?  You two can not be trusted anywhere in public. Shaking my piggy head.  And just what do your humans do when unattended?


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Shopping Around the World

From the Mommy June….

This month we are highlighting grilling foods, something that we fix this time of the year.   To “grill” you don’t necessarily need an outside grill.  Sure they’re awesome but there are other ways to grill inside of your home.  One year, the hub unit got me some very nice grill pans from the basement sale of a well known department store.  I treasure those pans!  Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing like the taste of outdoor food on the grill but who needs all of that mess?  And sometimes – who has the patience these days?  So, here is my contribution this month.  I hope it gets your taste buds having a party in your mouth like it does ours!

Steak and Homemade French Fries

At the Hotel Thompson, we love ribeye steaks – especially those that are aged with the right consistency of fat/meat in the marbling.  Now of course there are those that say fat is bad.  But we are of the belief that fat gives a lot of flavor, especially in beef.  Now, let’s break down tonight’s dinner.

2 Ribeye Steaks (we got an awesome deal on these.  We buy a whole loin and then have the ribeye’s cut in about 1/2-1 inch thickness.  We then take them home, shrink wrap them two to a bag and freeze them.  The last time we bought a loin, it was on sale and cost $78.94 – we got 16 steaks out of the loin.  That makes each steak only $4.93 – winner winner!)

French Fries – two giant baking potatoes my friends.  We buy a bag for $5.00 at our local Sam’s Warehouse.  There are approximately 10-15 potatoes to a bag.  That makes each potato around $0.50 each – so $1.00 for french fries.

Entire Steak and Fries dinner – $5.93 per person.  Is your mouth watering yet?  And to think, that steak was cooked on an indoor grill just by rotating it twice upon flipping.  I’m going to show you a picture below of the grill pan I use.  Happy grilling my friends.


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