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Mad Squirrel

U-oh.  Looks like Journalist Rocky the Squirrel got into some bad nuts.  Protect yourself my friends.  Squirrels are mad.  Snorts with piggy laughter.


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Dear Bacon


Dear Bacon – I read your columns.  I follow your blog.  I think you are like the coolest pig ever representing all of us other pigs in the world.  There’s no reason why us piggies can’t be spoiled just like a pooch or a kitty.  We have feelings too.  I’ve even got my humans following you now so they can see that spoiling us piggies is the ‘in’ thing to do now.  I just wanted to throw a shout out to you and say thanks dude.  Signed Hamhocks

Dear Hamhocks – Thank you my friend.  I’m honored that you and your humans follow my blog and columns.  That means a lot to me and touches my little piggy heart.  Keep getting spoiled my friend – it’s the way life should be for us oinkers!

Dear Bacon – I made a grave mistake.  I wanted out.  My humans let me out without looking.  Mr Stupid … I mean Mr. Bear was out there waiting for me.  I want back in now but the humans went on to do something else and don’t hear me screaming.  Help.  Signed In and Out Cry for Help

Dear In and Out Cry for Help – Oh my friend.  Hopefully that fence between us will keep Mr. Bear away from cute little you.  Seeing how this happened, you might want to rethink in the future, the in and out situation of driving the humans crazy.  When something bad happens, they ignore you.  Kind of like the boy who cried wolf.  Stay sweet my friend.



Dear Bacon – There I was minding my own business and the tomcat next door starting singing to me ,watching me like a voyeur and trying to get my attention.  He is so like weird.  I think my face says everything I do believe.  He needs to hit the high trails and go hit on some other kitty.  This kitty is so not interested.  Signed Hit the Road Jack

Dear Hit the Road Jack – Snorts with piggy laughter.  I think your beautiful face says everything my sweet friend.  You are *so* not interested.  Perhaps he will get the drift soon.



Dear Bacon – I was minding my own business.  I’ve been watching my humans play with this computer like thing for days pounding keys and laughing like a jackass.  I thought when they went to the adult potty, I would jump over to see what was so funny.  I don’t see anything that is so hysterical.  The pounced the keys with my claws and didn’t get it.  I jumped down before the human came back.  But unfortunately the computer thing told on me and captured me in the middle of my investigation.  How rude huh?  Signed Busted

Dear Busted – Oh I hate those computer things that tell on us.  Who do they think they are?  Perhaps bring it something wet and toss it on those stupid key things.  Maybe then it will learn to respect you.  I’m just saying – snorts with piggy laughter.



Remember my friends.  Dear Bacon can’t happen without *you*.  Please remember to email me your letters and pictures ❤



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